What do u ppl, from a religious or spiritual perspective, think of the Republic of China?

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    Republic of China = Taiwan

    People's Republic of China = mainland China

    So what is the difference between a Republic and a People's Republic? ...

    About the same difference as there is between a Jacket and a Straight Jacket - LOL


    If you are talking about Communist China, Mao helped with food and a simplified written Chinese to help with literacy for the 1 billion people there

    But it was at the expence of certain freedoms.

    Marx was not a philosipher, but a social reformer making up an ideology to use as an excuse to get moral people to shed blood. That is why Marx had to eliminate religion and support atheism. He was also resentful against Christianity by the way Jews (he was born Jewish) were treated in 18th century Europe.

    The experience for communist countries is more people were killed after it became communist than in the war to make it communist (the killing fields of Cambodia was not uncommon).

    In 1990, tanks were used to stop student protests in Bejing's Tainmien Square. The Chairman was unconcerned about the number of deaths "In China, a million people is a small number".

    From a spiritual point of view, if there is no after life, the chairman has no authority to answer to except his own warped conscience.

    So friends from there said that when they had Religious Studies in school, they were taught, "In some parts of the world there are a supersticious people that believe in gods that they cannot see ... "

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    Yeah, the government I personally think could use a little home improvement and possibly the overpopulation thing but heck, China's just as cool as every other country in the world.

  • There is nothing wrong with China the country at all - or its people. It's the government that could use a little help.

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    Can it stay or should it go?

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