The Holocaust???

How can we benefit by studing the Holocaust???

Please have it in paragraph form it is for my survey class.

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    The Holocaust;_ylt=A0oGkit31flFDf...

    has pictures and tons of articles.

    For me, it shows how the world made a mistake - before I was born and that it affected the world.

    Man's inhumanity to man - was tolerated.

    When we developed the bomb - Einstein a Jewish man helped our country develop it, and decided it was the only way we could tell the world "sternly" that fighting had to stop, it meant that my father could be rescued out of a POW camp.

    He was 6' and usually 225 lbs. and came back 92 pounds. They were given no psychological help. Then they learned about what Germany did to the victims just because "they could get away with it". My father stayed in for his full 20 years because he felt he made a difference. He retired with the highest rank for an enlisted USN - so we called him "the chief" as he was the Chief of his USN ship. He taught us his survival skills, and he also was a licensed pilot. He was a deep sea, demolitions expert and had to go to Hawaii (where I lived as a child) to detonate bombs that were in the water from the Japanese - after the war. They are called Navy Seals today. In those days, they had no special recognition - just service and he was glad to serve the USA!

    The American military keeps the German POW camps open and the ovens are there. Someday, the Israelies may take the DNA still there from the ovens, and establish connections with the familiies. That is how the world will still know that we still care. Catholics were killed and the disabled were killed. Catholics would tell their priests that their neighbors disappeared. The priests would tell the vatican and then the priests would disappear - and end up in the POW camps too.

    This is what the United Nations is trying to stop - especially in Africa. We have not succeeded. We are still trying, and that is admirable.

    I've lived 4 years in Germany and traveled throughout Europe. My ex-husband loved history, so we traveled to the German camps and saw the ovens and such. I was terrified. When we were lost, we stopped and asked German residents for help to get to the Dachau camp. The Germans (many different ones) told us they did not exist. The German people told us to go home. They lied staight face to us. Why - even today do people lie about history? Ask the head of Iran who says his idea of lies. We still tolerate his lies because the American military and other countries documented what they found. The proof is in various American built and paid for museums in Germany and America today. When I returned to the good Old USA, I wanted to kiss the ground. This is the greatest country in the world. When you live overseas to serve various companies, you appreciate the rights that DO NOT EXIST anywhere in the world except the USA.

    GOD bless us always.

    MBA-Boston Univ.


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    If people study holocaust then it will benefit ourselves. We should know what happened in past, how people suffered, survived themselves from this horrible event. We should know this so something like this would never happen.

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    It shows us what one man who has dangerous ideas can do.

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    you can't

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