Major stars with no accents at all?

Like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Man with the Iron Mask or Kevin Costner in, oh, IDK, Dances with Wolves I think it was?

What is UP with that?!?!

PS I wanted to act and received a lot of support from folks- YES I can do a lot of accents, better with a coach of course.

Why can't these actors just take other roles that showcase their talents and let other people use the accents appropriately?


Duh, Kevin Costner in Robin Hood.

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    Supposedly, Kevin Costner's Robin Hood was supposed to be dubbed with him doing the proper accent during ADR, but the project was rushed out because they wanted to get out before a competing Robin Hood project (which ended up on TV because they came in second.)

    It's not as silly as it sounds. Most outdoor dialogue is dubbed in a studio, where you have better control over the sound. So you can just get the footage in the can and worry about the accent later.

    Not sure if I buy it, but that's beside the point. Actors like doing accents because they think it makes them a Great Actor. It's one of those tools in the actor's toolbox, like crying on command or being able to sing and dance. So the actors want to show their range (even if they don't really have it.)

    And conversely, in Hollywood, people often want a star to "open" a movie (that is, get people out to see it just because they like the actor). So they'll often get American actors to play foreign roles, even if they're not suited for it.

    Despite the emphasis placed on accents by actors, it's not something a lot of American film actors receive training in. Stage actors are sometimes trained in it as part of their study of diction.

    I haven't mastered any accents, and I'm jealous of those who can. For some it comes easier, but it always takes a lot of work.

    An accent is never sufficient to earn a role; one must also be able to act. Generally I'd rather hear an actor use his natural accent than try to mimic one they haven't mastered, because it's very distracting.

    A lot of truly great actors never learn a real range of accents. Anthony Hopkins leaps to mind. Judy Dench does a variety of English accents, but I've never known her to attempt an American one.

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    In movies, it's all about making money.

    You could be in a role and do a fantastic accent. You could be great at it. Just supurb.

    But you aren't going to get butts in the seats. Costner (10 years ago... he's a little washed up now) or DiCaprio is.

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