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which is the best processor,video card,sound card,RAM and harddisk drive and motherboard?

can u mention the name of the manufacturer and the model name please

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    1. best processor

    World's Best Processor

    Intel made history on 27 July and officially unveiled to the world the best microprocessors on the planet – the Intel Core 2 Duo. The next generation of Intel® Pentium® 4 processors, the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor boast a powerful new microarchitecture and delivers record breaking performance while consuming less power required for applications of today and tomorrow– absolute perfection!

    The desktop PC version of Intel Core 2 Duo processors also provide up to a 40 percent increase in performance and are more than 40 percent more energy efficient¹ versus Intel's previous best processor. According to multiple independent review organizations, the processors win more than nine out of 10 major server, desktop PC and gaming PC performance benchmarks.

    2. video card

    3. sound card

    1) Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum

    Creative has been in the market of hardware accelerated PC audio since its beginning. Now they are one of the last companies to offer hardware acceleration in a PC audio card with their latest X-Fi line. The Platinum model is not the highest model available but it does have a lot of features. Included with the card is a multimedia remote and an interconnect box to allow audio connections on the front of any desktop computer. This really is one of the best audio experiences available.

    4. RAM

    I don't know. Just make sure it's a well known brand (Kingston, Crucial, TwinMos, Corsair, you name it). Check the website of Asus to see if the motherboard supports dual channel. If so, buy 2x 512, if not, buy 1x 1Gb

    5. hard drive

    it depends on the machine itself, for home usage

    i would suggest the following

    1) Maxtor

    2) Western digital

    3) Seagate

    all have good warrenty, and i would suggest getting SATA rather than IDE for home usage.

    6. motherboard

    I really like MSI motherboards. You can look through them at

    They usually score pretty high on motherboard comparisons that take into account performance.

    Don't take my word for it though. There are other good motherboards out there, so be sure to read some reviews from:

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    let's see, by "best" you mean the ultimate performance, or the best you can get for a reasonable price?

    i'll take the second road:)

    Processor: someone from the Intel Core 2 Duo family.

    the 6300 if you want a great overclockable model at a fair price,

    or the 6700 if you want the extra juice of the extra 2MB of level 2 cache.

    graphics card: at the moment, the nVidia GeForce 8800 is the best you can find. i would go for the cheaper 8800GTS with 320MB memory. it is not GTX but performs equally with the GTS 640MB model.

    sound card: the ones on-board are just fine

    ram: a 2GB DDR2 kit from SuperTalent or OCZ will do the trick.

    Hard disk: i would go for a Seagate Barracuda 400GB Sata2 model

    Motherboard: i will buy next week the model FP-IN9 SLI by Abit. it's a really interesting model at its price

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    Intel Inside Pentium 4

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