How many internal organs could you remove from a healthy human before they died?

Imagine we have a healthy, adult human on an operating table sedated just enough to nullify the pain, and surgeons set about removing the subject's internal organs one at a time with precise medical operation; how long could the subject survive (eg, be coherent, for example be able to talk or tap out signals with their fingers).

Surely the subject would only need a heart and lungs to do this, although as soon as they had to eat or drink they would die?

Silly question I know, but I have always wondered...I'm not very educated when it comes to Biology!



I mean taking the organs out in turn, least vital first.

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    1 lung and 1 kidey, and some other minor organs probably

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    You could remove 1 lung, 1 kidney, spleen, appendix, gall bladder, uterus & ovaries (if female), thyroid gland and the person could still live if they give him/her some medication for the rest of his/her life. You could carry on with this and remove the stomach and intestines/bowels but the person would not survive after a few weeks (starve to death). However, if you remove the other lung he/she would die almost immediately. Leaving that one lung in, but removing the other remaining kidney, the person would stay alive perhaps a few hours even days. Obviously, if you are removing the heart or the liver then the person can die very quickly.

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    Watch "Braveheart" again sometime. This was a common method of executing prisoners in the Middle Ages. Only without an sedation. See how many organs you could remove before they finally died. A torurer who was really good at it could keep a person live for hours as they did it.


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    You could remove ! Lung and 1 kidney and the patient could continue to live, you could lso remove the spleen and part of the liver. You can remove sections of the small intestine as well.

    After that you'd encounter problems trying to keep someone alive.

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    One..if it was the brain,the heart or the liver. Two if it was a kidney or lung. Take out the not so essential ones first.

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    you need to consider vital organs, heart lungs, brain, liver, kidney etc..

    You wont live long without both kidneys, pancreas or liver.

    Stomach and Intestines, would be a fairly steady decline without these, no re-supply of energy and fluids.

    Gall bladder and appendix are less critcal

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    Well teh organs being removed from iraqi patients in iraq are perfectly ok, and they are being sold on eth black market, so ask those people!

    I went to church this morning and teh minister told me, dont say a word though about this.

    make sme cry, and angry.


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    1 lung then 1 kidney then its all ways look on the bright side of life

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    All human parts except the heart.

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