Problems installing yahoo messenger.?

I uninstalled my yahoo messenger a few days ago. Since my account had some problems and people in my contact list were getting some links from me while I was offline. So I deleted my account.

and now when I try to install yahoo messenger again, im not able to. I can download the installable file but im not able to execute it. It does not begin installation.

what could be the possible cause, and the solution?

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    That has malware/spyware written all over it. My guess is that there are residuals of the corrupted Yahoo still on your PC, perhaps sitting in the system registry and/or shared libraries. This can cause an installation to go into a sort of black hole. I am betting that the setup window doesn't come up for you, which can be a tell-tale sign of what I suspect here.

    I recommend using Spybot Search & Destroy carefully to see if you do indeed have any malware on your computer. You may have to run the scans a few times, and at least once in safe mode, to remove everything. Be sure to make backups and quarantine files just in case you need to undo a change.

    I must stress that spyware detection software will often misreport things. Alexa, P2P (i.e. Limewire), and HP software tend to be picked up as potentially malicious applications, for example. Be wary of what you delete.

    Once you clean up your system some, perhaps CHKDSK and defragment, I'd try the installation again and see what happens. Try in Safe Mode and install to a different folder. I'd also changed my password in case your account was phished (sounds like it was). If that fails, you may have a process that is causing the installation to halt. Check Task Manager -> Processes to see what is using the most CPU time, memory, and the like. These are all indicators that can help you spot software corruption and possible grayware exploits (virus, trojan, spyware, malware, etc.).

    The last (and simplest) question for you would be this: are there any other applicaitons exhibiting this sort of behavior? If you notice Internet applications in general or at least installing them, is what is giving you problems, there may be a greater issue.. It could be a "shell hack" of some sort.. Like an LSP (Layer Services Provider) exploit. Whatever the case, may be a good next stop, amongst other great sites out there. Trend-Micro has useful scanning tools that are free so check those out then go to AVG, Lavasoft, Symantec, and the other big players...

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    it extremely is not any plenty an answer yet a positioned as much as say that i'm having the suited comparable problem. My laptop is variety spanking new, with WinXP SP2 put in, with countless area in my demanding stress, I quite have an particularly quickly connection (i'm utilising the LAN on the college the place I paintings) and an particularly very quickly Intel Xeon quad middle processor, so I doubt it is loss of area or an endemic -- I quite have a competent antivirus application and a competent firewall.

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