travelling to France?

i am travelling all over France and want to stop some where different each night, has any of you done this and where did you stay, Travel lodges or Premier Inns or Motorway Lodges etc.? thanks

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    I'm french and I thought I might advertize my country here lol

    You should visit brittany! Rennes is a beautiful city with old buildings full of history!

    I also like the South and the Riviera, but don't stay on the coast, visit the small old villages in the mountains they're great!

    The best hotels to stay in would be ibis hotels. They're cheap but alright.

    If you go in the Alps, I recommend you Bourg-Saint-Maurice or Aix-les-bains, I spend all my summers there.

    But being a breton, I say: BRITTANY is the best!!

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    France is a great country you'll love it but you really need to do some home work to make your trip more enjoyable and I wish if I know more information because I have a

    lot to help you,I used to live there as a local

    and I traveled a lot all over the country.

    Any way,take the information you must have

    Like the the embassy's phone number.

    In France there's 4 train stations for North

    Of France,another for the South,East,and West of the country and they're the best in the world but you need to buy a rail pass

    from your country this way you don't have to bother of buying tickets and it's a lot

    cheaper and they have different kinds and

    buy what you really need.out of Paris any Hotel from two stars to no stars is alright

    but watch out for the neighborhood and what ever you stop in a train station you

    can rent a locker for your luggage and tour the town without a problem and you can take the next train and to do that you must

    make a plan in advance by reading the latest tour book and read about each place you intend to visit and search the local

    accommodation and their location.

    To exchange money use ATM machines

    they have the best rate and manage to get some Euros before traveling.

    Bonne Voyage & Bonne chance

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    I have made over night stops while travelling around France and have always used the F1 motels.

    F1 are nearly alway located close to the motorways so easy access and I really don't think that they can be beaten on value.

    Rooms are very basic, a double and a single bunk bed above, a sink and a TV. Toilet and showers are in shared but I have to say every time I have found them to be spotless, the toilets are the auto cleaning type.

    Also in the price you do get a breakfast but this is just really basic bread, cheese, ham and coffee by then again when you consider that rooms start at about £18 (that's per room so up to 3 people can stay for that price) what more would you expect.

    Happy travels

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    hotel ibis is good. THere is one in most big towns, the ones in paris are expensive 80 euros a night for a double, but elsewhere are a lot cheaper and of the same (good) quality

    one thing- avoid B and B's- there are some really really bad ones in paris with terrible security and dodgy owners.

    wow, you are so lucky to be travelling all around the country; wherever you stay, enjoy your trip!

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    I haven't done this, but places such as ibis are good. I have stayed in these before, they are similar to holiday inn's etc. Infact, I think you can get ibis' in the UK now!

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    Why do you seek to fill your dream by using other peoples experiences? go, do it yourself then tell us what you did, live your own life be original.

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