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What do you think about Hoillister and American Eagle?

What do you think about Hoillister and American Eagle?

Which one do you prefer more?

Also, give me some information about these two brand.


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    You should be talking about Hollister Co. and American Eagle Outfitters.

    Actually, people always compare these two labels, due to their similar styles, marketing techniques, and targeted consumer demographic.

    For myself, I prefer American Eagle more, as they doing well on quality control at the right cost.

    Hollister is more expensive, but their goods are not really better.

    Why to pay more for the similar item?

    Information about the two brand:

    Hollister Co.

    Hollister Co. is a clothing store based in the United States under the management of Abercrombie & Fitch, Inc.. Hollister Co. is a concept that was formed on February 12, 2000.

    Main product type is California Surfer Apparel.

    "Inspired by the sun-drenched spirit of California, and the surf and soul of the Pacific Ocean, Hollister is a laid-back, aspirational lifestyle destination for guys and girls aged 14-18. West Coast attitude and colorful sportswear inspired by a life near the beach create a sexy Pacific vibe perfect for the coolest kids in every high school. The Hollister kids. Beautiful, carefree, and undeniably popular, they are admired and adored by every one of their peers, they are the epitome of California cool."

    ( Official Abercrombie & Fitch Description of Hollister Co. )

    American Eagle Outfitters

    American Eagle Outfitters is an American clothing retailer that dates back to 1904 but took its current form in 1977 and was reorganized in Pittsburgh's north suburbs. It has recently announced a move to a new urban headquarters campus in the city's historic "Steel Valley". It is now commonly referred to by the abbreviation "American Eagle" or simply "AE" rather than its full title. American Eagle sells a full collection of apparel that includes basics such as jeans, cargo pants, and graphic Ts as well as accessories, outerwear, and footwear targeting the 15 to 25-year old demographic primarily under the American Eagle Outfitters® and AE® brand names. The brand is ranked #2 in sales to its target demographic behind Old Navy, according to the NPD Group.

    American Eagle Outfitters' designs can be described as a mix of preppy, athletic and casual, commonly referred to in the industry as "retro". It offers a full collection of products ranging from basic t-shirts, polos, wovens, cargos, corduroys, denims and shoes to more trendy and vintage-inspired graphics and logo-driven tops and distressed or hand-finished denims.

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    i perfer Hollister becoz their style is more toward Abercrombie&Fitch. Even though American Eagle might be a little bit cheaper.

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