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vistual studio / vistual c++

Vistual Studios .NET 2005 裡面其實係咪有埋 Vistual C++ 6 架啦?vc算唔算係vs的一部分? 有冇d咩係vc有or做到but vs冇or做唔到架?

如果我install左隻vc, 想install埋隻vs, 咁會唔會有野會重複左or有問題?

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    Totally different, since Visual C++ 6 is older and Visual Studios .Net 2005 is newer.

    Professional Software developer still use Visual C++ 6, for its reliability.

    so they are different, and would not mix together.

    I still recommend you just install Visual C++ 6, and forget about the .net ...

    Source(s): Silicon Valley Developer
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