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Can anyone give me some examples of onomatopoeia?


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    I like noise

    The whoop of a boy, the thud of a hoof,

    The rattle of rain on a galvanised,

    The rush of the wind,adoor on the slam,

    The boom of thunder, the crash of the waves,

    The din of a river that races and raves,

    The crack of a rifle, the clank of a pail,

    From any old sound that the silence destroys,

    Arises a gamut of soul-stirring joys.

    I like noise

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    Onomatopoeia is the formation of words in imitation of sounds; a figure of speech in which the sound of a word is imitative of the sound of the thing which the word represents;

    as, the buzz of bees; the hiss of a goose; the crackle of fire.

    (1) Ripple--by Lelia Devlin

    Watch around the slightest thought.

    Sight-blinding darkness beckons weepingly,

    a fit of senseless rage envelopes.

    Trod across fragmented waters softly,

    every breath a motionless silhouette

    of what this could have been.

    (2) Boat--by Lacey

    Swoosh, swish

    paddling down a creek

    splish, splash, whump

    a fish jumps on me

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