What is the capital of Czech republic?

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    Prague is the capital of Czech Republic

    Timeline of important moments in Prague history

    870 Prague Castle founded

    1085 Prague became the seat of kings - 1st king Vratislaus II.

    1344 the Prague Bishopric became an Archdiocese

    1346 the rule of Charles IV. - Prague capital of Holy Roman Empire

    1348 University of Prague (Charles University) founded

    1415 in Konstanz, Jan Hus is burned at the stake as a heretic

    1419 1st Prague defenestration

    1420 battle on Vítkov Mountain - Hussites win over crusaders

    1583 rule of Rudolf II - city for the 2nd time the capital of Holy Roman Empire and cultural center of Europe

    1618 2nd Prague defenestration sparked off the Thirty Years' War

    1621 execution of 27 Czech nobles on the Old Town Square as a consequence of the Battle of White Mountain

    1648 west bank of Prague (including the Prague Castle) occupied and looted by Swedish armies

    1741 occupation by French-Bavarian armies

    1744 occupation by Prussian armies

    1848 revolutionary uprising crushed by imperial army

    1890 big flood caused extreme damage

    1918 after World War I Prague became the capital of Czechoslovakia

    1922 Great Prague created by uniting Prague with its suburbs and neighboring towns

    1938 after political betrayal of allies (France and Britain at Munich) Germany occupied Sudetenland and in 1939 the whole country

    1942 Czechoslovak paratroopers kill Reinhard Heydrich, Nazis respond with wave of terror

    1945 U.S. Air Force conducts bombing of Prague in World War II, killing hundreds of Praguers by mistake. (Target was Dresden, 134 km away).

    1945 Prague uprising against the Nazi German occupants during the last days of World War II, ended with the arrival of the Red Army – followed by an expulsion of German citizens

    1948 communist takeover of power

    1968 the Prague Spring and Soviet army invasion to repress political liberalization

    1989 Prague is the main center of Velvet Revolution (the fall of communist regime)

    2000 Anti-globalization Protests in Prague (some 15,000 protesters) turned violent during the IMF and World Bank summits

    2002 Prague suffers from flooding, parts of the city evacuated but no major landmarks destroyed

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    The capital of the Czech Republic is Prague

    -pronounced pra-g

    -population 1,216,500

    -largest city in the Czech Republic


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    Praha aka Prague

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    Prague is the capital.

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    Prague, it is magic

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