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Wayne Gretzky's personal and obstacles???

Im doing a research project on Wayne Gretzky and dont have any info. on his personal life and obstacles in his life. So i was wondering if anyone knew about him or knew of any websites for me to look at???

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    There are autobiographies about him which would be good sources. Some of the things off the top of my head you might find interesting:

    -- He has an Aunt with Down's Syndrome

    -- As a child there were a lot of problems with parents of other children that played on his team because Wayne got all the attention and ice time.

    -- Edmonton actually had a lot of disappointments in the playoffs the first few times. Gretzky was held scoreless a lot more than in the regular season, especially against the Islanders, and it was very frustrating for him.

    -- His "request" to be traded to L.A. had NOTHING to do with the fact that he was married to actress Janet Jones, but the stupid media in Edmonton said she asked him to be traded so she could resume her career (certainly not the first time the media favored a good story above the truth)

    -- A lot of so-called Hockey "experts" used to rile him up by saying he was overrated, could not have played in the pre-expansion NHL, etc.

    -- Eventually he conquered it, but he had a horrible fear of airplanes, so much so that he even chose an 8+ hour drive instead a few times.

    -- Many NHL players (again, especially on the Islanders!) had the misfortune to have THEIR best seasons the same time he was having HIS, and they resented it.

    -- He claims he had the worst peripheral vision on the Oilers (although I don't buy that one for a minute).

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    He had few obstacles. Like many young men who end up being pro athletes, he had an amazingly supportive Dad (and Mom). Years as a kid having the backyard rink, if his hockey didn't work out, his parents would have supported him with plan B. I envy him!

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    His one huge error in judgement was picking Bertuzzi over Crosby to be a part of the Canadian Olympic team, despite the objection of the Canadian public.

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    Read his book. Perfect insight into his growing up, his early years, etc.

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    his fathers death, mothers illnes and wife janets elleged involvement in gambling ring. moving from edn to la

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