Japanese/Chinese/Korean Music?

Can someone recommend me any good singers and/or songs...? Much appreciated.

I've heard:

-K (Japanese)

-UTADA HIKARU (Japanese)

-BOA (Japanese)

-BONNIE PINK (Japanese)

-RIE FU (Japanese)

=o ... [= and others which I'm probably forgeting... -_-

I'm aiming towards the Chinese/Korean side... Japanese is kinda easy for me to find...

It'll be nice if you leave a link... =3 And tell whether Japanese/Chinese/Korean... It doesn't matter if they sing some English or some other language... Such as the ones up there... *points*

Thank you very much~! It is much appreciated~!

And do not make fun of me... RAWR~

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    1 decade ago
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    i hear a lot of korean songs..

    let's see..


    (*) tvxq / 동방신기

    (*) super junior / 슈퍼 주니어

    (*) rain / 비

    (*) boa / 보아

    (*) se7en / 세븐

    (*) shinhwa / 신화

    (*) ss501

    (*) big bang

    (*) xing

    (*) jang woo hyuk / 장우혁

    (*) jang riin / 장리인

    (*) bada / 바다

    (*) bin

    (*) sg wannabe

    (*) brown eyed girls

    (*) chun sang ji hee the grace

    (*) there's lots

    (*) kangta

    (*) bae seul gi

    (*) fly to the sky

    (*) tim

    there are a lot of korean songs i love, but i can't remember them all now.

    chinese :

    (*) i personally love jay chou

    (*) wang leehom

    (*) fahrenheit

    (*) lollypop bangbang tang (newgroup)

    (*) jolin tsai

    (*) stephanie sun

    (*) tank

    (*) evan yo

    (*) angela zhang

    (*) david tao

    (*) rainie yang

    (*) wilber pan

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  • Stimpy
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    1 decade ago

    I love Japanese girl group Puffy AmiYumi. I also have a CD by K-pop singer Rain, which is hip-hop/pop. Anyway, Rain is HOT so it's a good investment just for the pics!

    For Chinese, I like the 12 Chinese Girls Band, that is instrumental music. This site is great, I've ordered all the CD's from http://us.yesasia.com/en/index.aspx

    And believe it or not, martial arts star Jackie Chan has even made a few CD's. Chinese are really into soft, sentimental music, so don't expect to rock out or anything.

  • 1 decade ago

    FannyPack is a good group,they had a couple of songs on Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift

    fannypack-hey mami

    fannypack-do it to it

    teriyaki boyz-bi in tokyo

    these 3 songs r awsome

  • there's this guy called jay chou (zhou jie lun) he's a chinese artist. he sings like rapish pop, R&B, he's a modern artist and the teens in china love him.

    I have two of his CDs (Common Jasmin Orange & November's Chopin) and they're really good. Nocturne is a really good song from his November's Chopin album. some of his songs might be on limewire but i'm not sure.

    Source(s): here's a website about him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Chou
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  • aebin
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    1 decade ago

    actually BOA is korean singer,

    but she is just talented enough to sing it in other languages.

    okay. so here are the list of korean songs that i like><

    eru- white snow

    eru- black glasses

    jang na ra- unhappy

    jang na ra- singing love

    leeds- that pueny love

    kim ah joong- maria

    byul- water ballon

    lee ki chan- cold, pretty person

    ja woo rim- 17171771

    the nuts- scold/ chide, the strawberry field

    may- miracle

    lee hyo ri- scold/ chide (different song)

    other artists include:

    suh yung eun, big bang, lee seung ki,

    (i translated artist's name and the title of the song, because i didnt want it to appear as broken letters on your comp)

    i can give you some korean songs through e-mails if you would like.

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  • yix
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    1 decade ago

    Some of korean singer's:

    Rain: friends, it's raining, because of you, i do, familiar face, touch ya, still believe, etc.. (all of rain n___n)

    Don't remember the title but you have some of them here..

    MC mong: 180 degrees, ice cream, etc.

    eru: black glasses, white snow,, etc..

    sung si kyung: tear letter, chobok, that place in that time, etc..

    shin seung hoon: a love to kill theme..

    se7en: passion, lalala, etc..

    zhang lin feat. xiah: timeless

    Brian joo: don't go

    lim jeon hee: a tear could not do

    lee jun ki: just one word

    chae yeon, lee seung ki, fly to the sky, Nell, Mose, Kim tae woo, junjin, song ho young,G.O.D. and many more.. hope you like it...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Here that has lots of korean music. Such as like Bi (rain), Se7en, DBSK, and so much more. Enjoy.

  • 1 decade ago

    chinese: jay chou, lee hom wang, jj lin

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    2ne1 is very good Kpop group.

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