Waxing vs. Shaving - Which is better?

I love having smooth legs - I shave just about every day. Same thing goes for my bikini area....(may be TMI, but I am bare down there)

I guess my question is......what is the benefit of waxing? How long do you have to let your hair grow? (Like, time-wise. I know its 1/4-1/2 inch). Is it irritating to let it grow that long? And after you wax how long before you have to wax again?

I absolutely could not have some stranger do a bikini wax.....I'm perfectly willing to torture myself at home. Can anyone reccomend a great product for that?

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    a good friend of mine graduated from beauty school and totally sold me on waxing. it takes about 3 weeks to grow your hair to the appropriate length.

    With waxing the hair grows in smoother and without ingrown hairs. Whereas shaving grows in thicker because you are essentially cutting the hair follicle flat, (as opposed to waxing where it is pulled from the root, therefore it grows back with a fine tip).

    Also according to my friend, once you've been waxing awhile, the hair that grows in gets thinner and thinner, due to it being pulled from the follicle regularly.

    So really it's a personal call. with shaving, you can have smooth legs everyday, but with a higher potential of ingrown hair and razor bumps. Or you can wait about 3 weeks for your hair to grow long enough to get waxed, but also will stay smooth for a while longer.

    if you do choose waxing, remember that it'll always hurt to some extent, but still shop around for the right person to wax you. Trust me, with the right person, it can be a lot less painfull.

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    yh its the same old stuff about waxing.. shavin is great for a person hu dosnt have time but waxin is great for anyone it may hurt the first time but afta that its great.. less hair more time and much more silky legs to impress.. remember a girl has to go through alot of pain in life if you know what i mean so waxing is nothing compared to the other pain, its all worth it at the end! remember if you wax for 6 months and more your hair will stop growing completly!!! its so great ive already seen the change after 2 monthssss. xx take care

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    Waxing sounds great doesnt it? Its actually a lot harder than it looks. I've tried the at home products and I DO NOT have the guts to pull that baby off. It very painful to try to do it yourself.

    As for going to a professional, you should not shave for a month, yes thats right A MONTH! Thats how long you have to wait, if not longer depending on how thick your hair is. Professional waxing is also pricey and time consuming. If you want my opinion, stick to shaving, its cheaper, easier, and doesnt waste as much time.

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    waxing hurts like a bleep

    but its worth it

    hair grows slower that way

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    the thing is with waxing the hair will not go back thicker. but the pro-the more you wax the less hair will grow back yay!

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    waxing is the best

    if u need smooth soft skin

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    My girl had it all laser removed permanently. It took several trips, but the money was well worth it in time and products.

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    i think shaving is better


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