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The Confederate Flag: Racism or Hertiage?

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    Contrary to the history today the civil war was not fought to free the slaves, and the south did not fight to keep the slaves. The people that use the flag today are not using it for historical reasons, but as an excuse for their biases. The people that despise the flag see it only as a racist image. Robt. E. Lee never owned a slave and hated slavery. U.S. Grant owned slaves. The north fought to prevent the south from leaving the union, and the north fought to prevent this. The people in the confederate army did not own slaves and hated the rich slave owners. They fought because the north invaded their states. No one sees or understands the flag, and its image has lost any hope of returning to its real meaning.

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    It is a symbol that is like one of those words that have more than 1 meaning and you have to read it in context with the other words in the sentence to know what the author was talking about. The main problem with the stars and bars is that it has been used by the KKK and other racist groups so much that it has become a symbol of racist hate. That is actually quite ironic when you consider that the main goal of the Confederacy was to keep Black people in America. In 1860 there was talk of sending the slaves back to Africa, as was done when the country of Liberia was founded. The State governments in the South were controlled by rich slave owners. They decided that the U.S.A. was like a club they leave, so they seceded and formed their own country, a land where a Black slave was someone that a White man could own as his property, so no government could take slaves from the plantations and set them free in Africa, or anywhere else. Then The C.S.A. got into a war with the U.S.A. and wound up loosing to and being occupied by the American army. The Blacks were still in the south then and they still are. If it were not for the brave men who carried the stars and bars, the slaves might have been sent to Africa, and Black America would not exist today. So when the 3rd Confederate is not flown being flown as symbol of racism, it is paying tribute to the fighting spirit of southern men, and how they went on fighting with obsolete weapons against a nation with unlimited resources that never looses wars, without adequate food or other supplies and without hope of victory, a cause to fight for, or a logical reason to not go AWOL, and they did this until Appomattox, when they were an island of Grey in an ocean of blue uniforms.

    Source(s): Ken Burns, The Civil War hey I know I misspelled loses and it needs some commas and stuff but this dumbass program was'nt working again and the computer thinks you spell it looses. I believe this is called artificial stupidity.
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    It depends on who you are. For me it is about heitage. I fly it proudly because I am from the south and to show people that rag on me for being a southerner that I don't give a sh*t about what they think. Some ignorant people see it as racism. They think that just because I fly the Confederate Flag that I must run around at night in a white hood with the KKK. Not true at all. I have no problems with anyone that doesn't have a problem with me.

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    It is heritage!! That flag has been flown since it originated and all of a sudden people began to think if they removed the flag, they would remove the history of slavery. Georgia wasn't the only state to have slaves, we just happen to be the only one with a rebel flag. We were southern rebels and northern yankees then and still are. The flag has nothing to do with racism. I was born and bred in Georgia, have always been proud of my state and it's heritage and definately not racist!

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    Depends on who you talk to. Personally I think it has become a racist thing. But years ago it was a rebell flag and it was just power to the people and each state make its own decisions. The yankees wanted a federal government to decide issues and it has been working better than war.

    I mean those small states over there like Germany and poland the size of some of our smaller states went to war over small issues. We have avoided that by not letting Arizonia and New Mexico go to war over say water rights.

    Pennsylvania and Ohio seem to get along pretty good.

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    "To many people in the US South it is a symbol of their heritage and pride in their ancestors who held out during years of war under terrible odds and sacrifice." wikipedia

    That comment up there is how I feel. The Confederate Flag was a flag that was made during the civil war. It was actually 1 out of 3 that they made during the war. Ku Klux Klan and other hate groups is really why the confederate flag left a bad taste in our mouths. Now the flag is used by both blacks and whites. From rednecks to hip hop culture. It no longer means a symbol of hate but a symbol that says I'm from the south and I'm proud!!!

    Down below is great info on the confederate flag.

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    I think that is a valid question. Isn't it still Georgia's state flag? I don't really know but I think it has been a symbol for an idea that stood for having slavery. I guess it is. That guy that calls himself "Who" has a Yahoo 360 image of a confederate flag with general lee. Maybe he has a strong opinion about this.

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    The Dixie flag surprising? The media has promoted reliable anger in direction of any team that promotes white people. it rather is been sending a message of white guilt and shame for some years. in view that ww2 the jewish community has worked very annoying to regulate all media out shall we interior america of a and seem in charge for the anti white message! Now why is the question? nicely possibly it has to do with the killing of their people in ww2 wherein the nazi party used many media components to convey the inhabitants against the jewish community. possibly it is an attempt to make certain that it might desire to by no ability ensue lower back to their people Now the accomplice flag is a demonstration of delight of the previous techniques and values of the southern states subsequently making it too heavily linked to white delight which they concern and desire to stay away from from gaining help.

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    To me, the Confederate Flag represents my heritage. It serves to remind me of my family and the people who fought and died for their country. Just like the American flag. It's about respect, honoring my ancestors, family and tradition. It has nothing to do with racism, in my eyes. Just because some people choose to display it in that manner does not in and of itself corrupt the whole image. I believe it all gets blown out of proportion by the media, and by people who feel "excluded" because it's mostly a symbol from the South.

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    Being from the south, I see them all the time. Idiots who do not know anything about the meaning behind the flag will go buy it and wave it around in their yard because they think it's "cool."

    It's not. As previously stated, there's really no difference between that and someone wearing a swastika because that's their family's heritage.

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