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mario kart ds 等13個人物(shy guy)點有???

mario kart ds 等13個人物(shy guy)點有?

我打爆全部50cc-150cc mirror得12個人物。

第13個人物(shy guy)點拎?

我係supercard download game!!!


積係一個人有mario kart帶+機,另一個只得機,無帶果個才有sky guy?


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    只係雙打先會出現,仲要係一個人有game,一個人無,咁無果個人就一定要用shy guy。

    DS Download Play:

    As with all DS Download multiplayer games, the DS Download Play in Mario Kart DS requires that only one player has a copy of the game. Unlike past DS games, however, DS Download Play in Mario Kart DS allows multiple players who have the game card to play with multiple players who do not have the game card. DS Download Play offers the following features:

    2-8 player simultaneous wireless game play

    Choice of multiplayer racing, Balloon Battle, or Shine Thief modes Players who own Mario Kart DS can choose their own characters and use personalized icons

    Players who do not own Mario Kart DS must play as Shy Guy; they cannot use personalized player icons

    Track selection is limited to eight tracks for racing and three arenas for Balloon Battle and Shine Runner modes

    DS Download Play is limited to the 100 cc engine class

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    娘娘 D肉體

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