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wonderful trip


幫偶找一篇wonderful trip ㄉ英文文章








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    More of My Wonderful trip to China


    Dear Dove and James and I got loaded up and out of the airport about three hours

    later than we originally thought we would, and about 28 hours later than our tickets said. I was a bit worried about doing a couple of business meetings the day after our flight. Now we were heading to meetings with some tough Chinese business people after about four hours of sleep in two days almost right off the plane. I remembered what the grizzled old Chinese geologist in the US told me when I told him I was going to China on business. He said "Watch out for those Chinese businessmen. They're tough!" Fortunately Dove let me take a quick shower

    at the hotel or else they would have just thrown me out of the conference room

    straightaway. James got all dressed up in his new business attire and he looked

    like a slick dude with his shoulder length hair and we were off to the Dalian High Tech area. It is completely mind-boggling the way the Chinese government can throw their weight behind an

    economic push like high tech and totally grease the skids (American idiom: prepare the path) as they did in Dalian. I asked our lovely guide Jetty how much land the Chinese government dedicated to the Hi Tech development area and I couldn'

    t quite believe it when she said "Forty square kilometers." Huh? But she wasn't exaggerating. By putting a large chunk of China's elite high tech companies in one area, foreign investors or customers can find just the right company and China saves on infrastructure and improves "cross-fertilization" (exchange of ideas) between high tech sectors. This is a great example of how China competes in

    the global market and wins almost every time.

    2007-03-15 10:06:16 補充:

    While I should have been a walking zombie from lack of sleep, the pure energy of

    that place energized me for our meetings. The two companies I talked to were extremely professional and I enthusiastically discussed our project with them and

    2007-03-15 10:06:25 補充:

    was very impressed with the competence of the two groups. Of course introducing my "lawyer friend" and partner of a major Dalian law firm put the fear of God

    into them and enhanced my position considerably. Thanks again, Dove.

    2007-03-15 10:06:42 補充:

    After our meetings I was introduced to Dove's friend, former classmate and man-behind-the-scenes, a head of the government's foreign investment bureau for the High Tech Zone in Dalian. This is an awesome guy who really understands what it

    2007-03-15 10:06:50 補充:

    takes to bring foreign investment and customers to China and how to help the companies under his pervue to succeed. He graciously invited us to dinner at a beautiful restaurant and we had a wonderful conversation about international

    2007-03-15 10:08:16 補充:

    affairs, politics and economic policy. I was thrilled to be in the company of one of the wheels in the Chinese success machine and I came to understand from an insider how "Socialism with a Chinese Character"

    2007-03-15 10:08:26 補充:

    works and why it can outperform development schemes based on extreme privatization foisted on developing countries by the US controlled World Bank and International Development Fund.

    2007-03-15 10:08:39 補充:

    So, OK, enought political and economic digressions. We now must discuss the true greatness of China: eating. It has been said that if it moves and it is not air, the Chinese will eat it, if it doesn't move the Chinese will eat it and if it is completely unpalatable they call it medicine

    2007-03-15 10:09:03 補充:

    (ok, I lied. I said it). Since I have been in China I have eaten more types of bugs,slugs,organs, bodily fluids, skins, fins, weeds, seeds, grasses, shells, curds, birds, reptiles, amphibians,

    2007-03-15 10:09:13 補充:

    etc. than in my previous 52 years. This has been an altogether wonderful experience in nearly all cases - until I am told what it is I am eating. Even then, I have been healthy and the only problems with those in my exploration party

    2007-03-15 10:10:04 補充:

    have involved the consumption of Western food set out too long in a buffet at a supposedly five-star hotel. Perhaps it is true that all Chinese food is healthy and in particular,

    2007-03-15 10:10:12 補充:

    "good for your digestion" and all of my problems are due to my previous consumption of Western food, known in China as "junk food." So far

    the evidence is in favor of Chinese food, since I feel healthier, stronger and

    I am definitely better looking.

    2007-03-15 10:10:23 補充:

    But still, I am now pretty good at recognizing

    that the grey/brown gelatinous mass being offered is actually duck's (or some other unfortunate creature's) blood and not chocolate pudding. To be continued...

    2007-03-15 10:10:26 補充:

    This picture is of my major friend, unnamed big time CPC official, James, computer genious, killer lawyer with the sweet smile Dove and your humble author.

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