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1. 你想歪了.


Thanks a lot!

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    1. 你想歪了. -----

    You're talking dirty. (口出穢言)

    (Longman當代字典解釋 talk dirty:to talk about sex using offensive words 用令人不爽的字眼說些性不性的事情)

    You're getting off-color thoughts.滿腦子顏色走樣(黃色)的想法

    (Longman當代字典解釋 off-color: jokes, stories, remarks etc that are off-color talk about sex in a way that is not acceptable in a particular situation 場合不對,方式不宜的談論性愛的)

    2.真是不正經 -----

    How indecent(your words are)!((你的話)真是不入耳)

    (句型:how 形容詞/副詞 主詞 動詞:好 ...)

    Such dirty words to come from you!(你竟然有如此不雅的話)

    (Longman當代字典解釋 indecent:something that is indecent is shocking and offensive, usually because it involves sex 因為牽涉性愛以致令人不快)

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    Hi, for your reference.

    1. You think the wrong way.

    2. You are quite un-earnest.

    You're welcome.

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