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Where is Midland "Fair to Midland"?

When I ask people in Maine how they are doing, they say "fair to Midland". What the heck does that mean? Where is midland? Do you need a ride there?

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    The word in this expression is indeed middling, which is often pronounced, and therefore often written informally, middlin'. This word chiefly means 'medium, moderate, or average in size, quantity, or quality', though it has various related senses as an adjective and noun. It is first recorded in the fifteenth century, and was originally a Scots term; it's derived from mid- and the suffix -ling, which expresses direction, position, or state (darkling, sideling).

    The expression fair to middling, which usually means 'slightly better than average'--it is used especially to understate a feeling of good health--is sometimes used to mean 'below average'. It is an Americanism first recorded in the mid-nineteenth century, and it originally refers to grades of livestock.

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    Midland is a town on Interstate 20 about the middle of Texas hence the name Midland.

    Used to be a long time ago the weather reports in Dallas Ft. Worth area were reported as fair(weather) to Midland (from Dallas Ft. Worth)

    However in Yankee parlance middling means about average. Fair is a bit better I think, so when you ask how are you they say fair to middling. The word is not Midland.

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    Midland! We have one in Texas, and Michigan has one, as well.I think you mean, "fair to middling."

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    The expression is "fair to middling." both mean the same, and are idiomatic for "I am doing about as well as expected."

    Kind of like that Jimi Hendrix expression, "Excuse me, while I kiss this guy."

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  • it is a expression as in saying not bad or not good a half way point. which could go either way up or down.

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    I think you mean "fair to middling."

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    yes, its in midline , texas

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