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Hey does anyone have experience in that "RENT YOUR CREDIT" thing?

I would like to try and rent someone's credit, but I don't know anything about it. I only heard someone on the radio about it but I didn't catch the phone number. I am in Florida and looking to get a loan with a co signer.Is that even legal here??

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    That sounds like such a scam!

    If a bank or someone who loves and trusts you won't give you a loan, why would a total stranger?

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    I am not sure how legal it is but you better be careful. More likely than not you will come out the loser and someone else will walk away carrying the cash. I have been a financial educator for several years and this one has never been as good as you think. If it quacks like a duck it's a duck. You better duck this one and God forbid you trust anyone in this area offering this in FL. Florida has more scams than any other state rememember those hanging chads, watch out. Check out this article, Rent-To-Own Scams Destroy Dreams and maybe it will help. . JL

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    ...i havent tried.

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