which fork do i use??

i want to know how to tell apart different types of forks. What is the difference between the salad fork and others?? And ultimately, does it really matter so much?

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    the best tip is when seated at a table with several sets of cutlery the cardinal rule is to work from the outside in. for example:

    *use the outer most implement, the bread knife, first to eat the bread appetisers.

    * then use the smaller,outer-most set of fork and knife for the entree

    * the larger, inner-most set of knife and fork for the main.

    * finally, use the cutlery at the top of the plate for dessert - usually a fork and spoon.

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    The biggest thing to remember about silverware when going anywhere ... always use the silver from the outside in. You will probably have a butter knife and a salad fork on the outsides of your regular utensils. If you have a fork and spoon over the top of your plate, the spoon is to stir your coffee and the fork is for your dessert. IF you are in a restaurant and you don't use particular pieces of silver (for whatever reason) your server will remove the utensil that will no longer be needed...so if you want to have butter on a roll later in your meal, be sure and tell your waiter...they expect you to eat the bread before the salad!

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    well,,,,it will matter later on if you go to a fancy restaurant or an upscale dinner party and feel completely out of place because of the place-setting...

    here's a good way to remember...

    you start eating your meal with the utensils from the outside and work your way in....

    usually the salad fork is shorter than the main course fork, and the dessert fork will be smaller yet....

    the reason is, that you will take smaller amounts with a smaller fork....salad is bulky..and harder to get into your mouth if you have a big fork-full...

    so, ultimately there IS a reason for it..and yup,,,,it DOES matter.

    bone up on your table manners and etiquette....you will be SURPRISED at how much they are used once you start going out to different places, and you will never be embarrassed at a dinner party...


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    The salad fork is normally the shorter one. Many restaurants actually place two forks of the same size next to each other. Select the outer fork (farthest on your left) as the salad fork.

    If you are in a "Fine Dining restaurant" you will normally find the proper placement of the silverware.

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    Work from the outside in when eating formally. The fork closest to the to the glasses and work your way toward the plate. There is usually a shorter salad for to make the choice easier.

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    The salad fork is usually the smaller of the two forks on the table (it also sometimes only has 3 prongs). The larger or 4 pronged fork is for your meal.

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    Watch what the others are using. But the rule is that you use the fork that is nearest to the plate then work your way across.

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    Always start with the one on the outside and work your way toward the plate...

    If in doubt just take and see what the host is using.

    Sew now relax... HAVE FUN

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    It all depends on where and what you're eating and how "classy" or upscale the place is. It DOES matter depending on those factors, but in a casual dining atmosphere, it usually doesn't make a difference.

    http://www.emilypost.com/etiquette/everyday/table_... (Excellent guide to place settings!)

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    start from the out side and work ur way in, if this is a real dinner, with many plates

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