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100% mortgages?

which bank will give you a 100% mortgage?


From UK, fantastic credit, but unfortunately having got a huge huge deposit.

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    Northern Rocks together range. They even do a £1000 gift, fee assisted mortgages and they will lend up to 125% of the house value so you can buy stuff to go in your new home. They will lend up to 5.3 times your salary.

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    depends on your credit. I got an 80/20 from Mortgage IT but was also offered 100 & 80/20 from Wells Fargo, Countrywode, & Citi. Contact a broker and they will search the banks for you. I can recommend a great one -

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    Its a dodgy one to be honest. My first mortgage was 100% and they put in some hefty fees should you decide to sell before your "fixed" period is up. I was tied in for 4 years and when I came to sell, the bank tried to hit me for nearly £4000 - a lot of cash when the flat itself was only worth £37,000. Also, the interest rate can be extortionate. Might be worth re-considering until you can get a deposit together, most banks will give you 95% so if the property isn't too expensive you'll get away with just having 2 grand or so.

    I would defo think carefully before opting for 100% - it cost me more than I gained.

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    As a Mortgage Broker from Edmonton, Alberta. I can tell you the Canadian perspective. There are "A" type lenders who will give you a mortgage with $0 down, but some of them will give you their posted rate (around 6.6%) but there are a few "A" lenders who will give you 100% mortgages with their discounted rate (around 5.24%). It is quite difficult to qualify for these mortgages, but there's another option. "B" lenders will also lend you 100% but with less stringent guidelines but with usually higher rates. You can contact me @ if you have anymore questions. I don't do financing outside of Alberta, so I'm not soliciting for business.

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    The loan you would be provided would be counted on your credit historic previous. in case you have an rather good credit and can arise with the money for the fee, you are able to in all probability get a a hundred% own loan. in case you have some questionable movements, then you certainly would be provided a ninety 5% or much less, with the expectancy which you would be the different element (5% or extra) to the remaining table. loan brokers are particularly adept at even looking a thank you to have the 5% paid on your behalf.

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    There has been a recent crack down on sub-prime loans so you may have a harder time acquiring a 100% loan, especially if your credit is shaky. If you are a first time home-buyer, I would call around and ask different companies if they have any first-time homebuyer programs. Also ask about FHA loans. With that being said, you will still need some money if you want to buy a house (earnest money, inspection, and maybe some closing costs).

    Most companies offer them.

    Good luck!

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    most banks won't do it. but a mortgage company would. if you get 100% you will be paying PMI. it would be better to get a 80/20 its the same as 100%. shot me an email i maybe able to help you depending on what state you live in. Loan Officer in PA.

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    Any bank will do it, you have to trick them into thinking you have the downpayment. You have to be creative in writing the contract. Example: You have good credit, and a good paying job so affording the mortgage is no problem, your just short on down payment cash and want to save what little you have for settlement. You find a house you love for $100,000. Write up the contract to show the price of the house at $105,000 and the sellers are agreeing to pay your $5000 5% down payment as settlement help. Bank looks at the contract, everything looks legit, and they approve you for $100,000 the full asking price (to you). You never have to actually have the down payment as it exists only on paper.

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    Many will. But it depends on your credit score, income, location, and other factors.

    Are you reading about all the foreclosures? Be careful about what kind of rates you will be offered.

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