what's the appropriate christening gift?

We have been invited to a Greek Christening....from our understanding it's a big think in the Greek Orthodox church. We have also been invited to the intimate gathering at a restaurant afterwards. Can you tell me what the appropriate gift would be ? There would be two fo us attending...


I guess we are really wondering how much $ would be an appropriate gift? We don't want to skimp out and want to give enough to cover our meals plus extra....this is our first christening...our child isn't due to come until Summer....so we are really really really clueless! Some of our friends say $25.00 is plenty......and I think that is waaaay too low! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    The Chrismation is the Greek church involves three sacraments: the baptism, the first communion and the confirmation. Unlike the Catholic church this is one event not three separate. And it is a big deal. The gathering afterwards will be like a wedding reception. They put a lot of money into it. An ideal gift from a couple would be anywhere between $50-100, depending on how well you know them. Greek relatives will usually give around $100 or even more. My mother-in-law gave my kids $500 each!! I was raised Catholic (my husband is Greek) so this was insane to me. Oh, the ceremony is awesome to watch, you'll love it!!

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    A savings bond is always a great idea for babies. I received a blanket that embroidered with his name and the date of the christening. A children's book of prayers might be nice. Or a gift certificate to a photo place so they can have christening pictures taken. (That was one of my favorite gifts to get) You could also have the invite framed if it was a professionally done invite

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    I don't think $25 is too low...if you can find something nice at that price. With all the birthday's, weddings, and baptisms my family has been invited to recently we usually try to keep the gifts to $25 or $30 unless we are the godparents or very, very close friends to the person then we might spend a little more if our budget can handle.

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    Greek Orthodox Baptism Gifts

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    My niece and nephew just got baptized and we got them a $50 savings bond. The beauty is, you only pay for half the value!!! It's a wonderful gift that is inexpensive and will earn interest (but not that much)

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    Hmmm, I think the grammar text and spell check program would be an EXCELLENT gift. And maybe add a helmet?

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    Money, or savings bond. A rosary or religious article is a nice memento. they have orthodox crosses at the religious stores.

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    Try looking on this website for Greek Gift ideas :-)


    i dont know much myself but this might be easier :-) goodluck and have fun

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    whatever you do don't hit em with a chamagne bottle

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