nuclear weapon..?

Why do some countries still build nuclear weapons even though they know that the outcome of the use of such weaponry is extremely horrifying?

If its built as a 'safety' and 'defensive' equipment, still, why build such thing that can wipe out the entire civilisation of a country and its neighbours, and leave terrible post-explosion effects(radiation, etc)?

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    Since the 1950's and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, they have been seen more as 'deterents' and the penacle of 'defence' and technology -in the terms of the harnessing of the atom and potentially unlimited power.

    Nuclear weapons, from the original Atomic Bomb that was dropped Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the modern uranium powered weapons, were originally intended as a last resort weapon and weapon to favour a single side.

    When the Russians obtained atomic and nuclear technology in the 1950's and the Cold War, it brought a balance to the state of power in the world.

    the Cold War began because of the American armourments and anti-communist feelings

    Russia, seeking to address a imbalance of power, obtained their own nucelar weapons and thus a stalemate evolved between the two powers and it became a war of ecomonic, esponage and Idealogies between the two nations.

    At the same time, America slowly released nuclear technology to their allies (most notably France and Japan) for technological and energy research purposes but this lead to what was called Nuclear Proliferation ( where the very existence of nuclear weapons meant that other nations felt as though their very soveriegnity and independance could be taken away under sch threat.

    Leading to more nations wanting and building nuclear technology, to assure a balance of power and ensure their own soveriegnity.

    And thus we come to our modern age.

    Since the fall of the U.S.S.R. and end of the Cold War, Nuclear armerments have fallen unity treaty with the United Nations and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act.

    But this does not mean that all nations feel safe and that their is no longer the chance of such weapons being used at a time of War (such was the constant feeling during the Cold War).

    America is till in possesion of the largest nuclear armaments stockpile and this leads to further tension with so called 'Rogue States" (most notoriously North Korea and Iran) who wish Nuclear Technology for themselves as both a way to strengthen themselves and deter any aggression.

    And so we are lead back to the staleamate of the last century and the Cold War.

    Now it all comes down to the fact are they truly and deterent and is any nation willing to go to the ultimate extreme and use such a devastating weapon, even though they are assured of mutural destruction from nuclear reletation and Fallout and Radiation.

    Nuclear Weapons are the products of Deperation, Paranoia and Absolute Fatalism and those thinking a means to the Ultimate End -such as The Apocalypse and the 2nd Coming of Christ bring brought about through the use of Nuclear Weapons.

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    Well if you are talking about the countries that have more of them then you can count, it really doesn't matter, just a small percentage will do the trick, but to reduce them might make them look "weak".

    For the countries that don't have them or only very few of them what makes you think that they don't do exactly what was intended? You think about what happens if they were to use them, but what about if they just make one and don't use it?

    It can tell the countries around them, don't mess with me or we will die together. Or you can build one and rich countries will give you aid so that you give it up. All without even using it. These are pretty strong reasons for countries that feel threatened.

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    Nuclear power for energy purposes is a great asset and will allow us to depend less on oil for producing the high demands for energy. Look at US military ships, subs, and cruiser they have all gone nuclear and that ship has a self-sustaining life span of at least 50 years with the same power source. Now you can't beat that or shrug it off.

    Additionally seeing our future with the Middle East and Venezuela its the only logical move to make. Its also better to start finding alternatives - before these countries will start to hold oil at a ransom for the US.

    Source(s): retired marine
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    Deterrence. French nuclear weapons are to keep the Germans up north. That's why they returned to testing in the Pacific about the time Germany was re-unified. Just a gentle reminder. Pakistani nuclear weapons are to keep the Indians to the east and Indian nuclear weapons are to keep the Chinese to the north east and the Pakistanis to the west. You make the consequences of an invasion of your territory unthinkable to the potential enemy.

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    because as long as one country has them, other countries feel that they have to have them too as a deterrent. the point is that if the U.S. wants to limit proliferation, it needs to take the first step by dramatically reducing its own arsenal, instead of working on developing new ones (mini bunker-busting bombs). as of right now, the U.S. does not have the moral high ground on the nuclear issue, because no one else has used nukes, and because we don't keep to the disarmament treaties we have signed, and also because we seem to think that we get to decide who can and can't have nukes. it's pretty hypocritical. but it's not countries with nukes that is so troublesome, it's terrorists with nukes and without a country to worry about that are the real threat. if there's nothing to hit with our nukes, they aren't being deterred

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    Don't get offended, but nuclear weapons will be developed by countries till other countries like the USA (intruding into other countries politics and disregarding all other interests but its own) exist.

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    It's just the old stupid worn-out Cold War Mantra


    Some people just haven't figured out that mutually ensured destruction is not the way to go, but they still keep chanting the same old Mantra because they are too dumb, or too stubborn, or too blind to see the error of their ways. All we can do is hope that it doesn't happen before they all get out of power, and the cooler heads will prevail.

    Source(s): Kruschov VS. Kennedy circa 1962
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    They built so they can use its power to make other countries give power and respect like what Iran is trying to do right now they get a bomb or two and WW3 is on

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    When governers are not enough intelligent to make peace in easy ways, they make mass destruction weapons to feel safe about their bad dreams. Sometimes because of these weapons, that bad dreams come true.

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    They like to have a power over people. to make them scared.

    So a sense of power

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