Parental Violence?

A ministry of social affairs published an add on parental violence

check the link

i am trying to know the resourse of it

is there anyone here know to which country this ministry belong to.


Youtube thumbnail

plz check this link instead of the above one

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    beginning to notice a lot of links to you tube

    serious mater parerntal violence

    pay back is a b-ithch

    where they get it from you rekin

    its as weak as hitting kids ,worse because gods laws says respect your father and mother [thats code for god ] but we all read it different

    still it dont say you cant hit you child or drug them because of attention deficite at a whim and a docters perscription

    all abusers should get jail time

    all not just ones beating up mum and pop but all of em

    get hit the hitter goes to jail

    full stop.

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