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school有規模,空間較大,專業d,令到個summer courses俾人一種係去學野而唔係去玩ge感覺.而camp空間細d,而且俾人一種你係去玩仲多過學野ge感覺.

Summer in Mainland China可以學到ge野比較多元化,有sports,普通話的Language skills,arts and craft.


Language skills可以令人靈活運用普通話,可以用普通話醇熟地同人溝通.

arts and craft可以刺激大腦的思維,而且可以訓練技巧.

Living English for Teenagers主要是學習英文,包括grammmer,writing,speaking同埋運用game黎學英文,咁樣可以吸收知識容易d,學習的速度快d同埋令學習的氣氛無咁沉悶.

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    The school is well-established, more spacious, and professional. Under all these circumstances, the summer courses give you a feeling that you are going for study instead of going for fun. But the Camp space is smaller, so you don't feel like going for study. Summer in Mainland China offers more choices, with Sports, Language Skiils - Mandarin, Arts and Crafts.

    In Sports, you will be more active, more energetic, and more effective in learning; more relaxation helps releave stress from studying. It's a great help to your health.

    In Language Skills, you will learn how to communicate fluently with others in Mandarin.

    In Arts and Crafts, will stimulate your cerebrum thoughts, also increase your technical skills.

    In Living English for Teenagers, the main purpose is to learn English, includes grammar, writing, and speaking. Sometimes lessons will be used by playing games, it is easier and quicker to adapte new knowledge, studing is more interesting. The learning atmosphere will not be so boring.

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