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about static ip address

It is known that the internet with static ip address is easier to be attacked by hackers compared with dynamic one.

Will anti-virus softwares always pop out the alarm window when my

computer is being attacked?Or they just record it ?

Because now I am living in other country,and I want to apply for new ADSL plan.The ADSL company said they can't change static ip address to dynamic one.It means I have to use static ip address.

But I don't want to be annoyed when using interenet.

So does anyone know that?

(Sorry!!I can't type Chinese now.)



My point it that I don't want to be annoyed by anti-virus software with their alarm windows,I just hope those attacks be recorded.

Update 2:

It's kerspasky,thanks!!

Update 3:

It's later than 5.X.

I am just not sure if it will remind me or not.

I'll check it !!

Thanks very much!!

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    If your anti-virus software have firewall function then the software will protect you against attacking from Internet.The software not only record it but also protect your computer.

    If you still worry about that, you can enable the firewall of Windows XP or install third-party firewall software.

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    Tell me the software you use.

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