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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


As a contrast, picture Howard and John standing nearby, in a conversa-tionally open

position with bodies swung apart like an openhinge. This is the type of position that leads

to the cocktail circle consisting of four, fice, or even more persons, each contributing to

the conversation.


”Mingled with these groups were three or four match-making mamas, appearing to be which

they were taking part, but failing not from time to time to cast an anxious sidelong glance

ipon their daughters, who, remembering the maternal injunction to make the best use of their

youth, had already commenced incipient flirtations in the mislaying of scarves, putting on

of gloves, setting down cups, and so forth; slight matters apparently, but which may be

turned to surprisingly good account by expert practitioners.”

---Charles Dickens, ”The Pickwick Papers.”

Dr. Albert E. Scheflen, in his article ”Quasi-Courtship Behavior in Psychotherapy”

(Psychiatry, August, 1968), discusses the elements of courtship behavior and brings out one

aspect of congruence in reading gestures.

He states:

People in high courtship readiness are often unaware of it and, conversely,

subjects who think they feel very active sexually often do not evidence courtship readiness

at all. Courtship readiness is most clearly evidenced by a state of high muscle tone.

Sagging disappears, jowling and bagginess around the eyes decrease, the torso becomes more

erect, and pot-bellied slumping diasppears or decreases.



Update 2:

ipon打錯是upon fice打錯是five


我不要翻譯軟體謝謝= ="

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    作為一種差別,站在附近的照片好爾德和約翰,身體象一樣搖擺分開在一個打開位置裡。 這是導致雞尾酒環繞由4 組成,fice 或者更多的人,每一個有助于談話的這類型位置。 求愛"與這些組混在一起是3 或者4 使比賽的媽媽,看起來是他們正參加,但是失敗不時而投焦慮不安的橫一瞥ipon 他們的女兒,誰,記得母親命令充分利用他們的年輕,已經在圍巾的誤放過程中開始開始挑逗,手套的戴上,放下杯子,等等; 顯然的輕微的事情,但是可能被專家開業醫生轉向令人吃驚好的賬戶。 "---查理斯‧狄更斯,"Pickwick 文件。 "醫生。 艾伯特E , 在他文章內" 用心理療法的類似求愛的行為" ( 精神病學,1968 年8月),討論求愛行為原理並且在讀手勢過程中顯現相同的一個方面。 他說明︰人在高準備就緒求愛內經常沒意識到它和,相反,認為的主題歲 他們感到積極性經常不證明求愛準備就緒確實。 求愛願意被一種高的肌肉收縮能力的狀態最清楚證明。 陷下消失,在眼睛周遭的局部拱脹減少,軀幹變得更直立,和大幅度下跌的大腹便便的人或者減少 。

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    身為在附近站立的一個差別,照片霍華德和約翰,在 conversa-tionally 公開方面

    和身體的位置像 openhinge 分別地搖擺。 這是帶領的位置的類型






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