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坤孟 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


Passengers at the airport were not told the length of the closure and crowded around TV screens to watch news reports of the accident.

It is crazy, I can not get any sense out of anyone, said Joe Murphy, 73, in transit on the long-haul trip from Australia to the UK.

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    這是可笑的,我不能把任何的感覺告訴任何人知道,73 歲的喬墨菲在從澳洲到英國的旅途上的這樣的訴說。

    2007-03-13 17:56:27 補充:

    73 歲的喬墨菲在從澳洲到英國的旅途上是這樣的訴說。

  • 1 decade ago

    乘客在機場未告訴關閉的長度和未擁擠在電視屏幕附近觀看事故的新聞報告。它是瘋狂的, 我無法使任何感覺脫離任何人, 說喬・墨菲, 73, 在運輸在持久旅行從澳洲到英國。

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