Do you think it's possible for a person to be asexual?

And if so, do you think it's natural/healthy?


For people like "person," who might not know the definition:

American Heritage Dictionary - a·sex·u·al (ā-sěk'shōō-əl) Pronunciation Key


3. Lacking interest in or desire for sex.


As in, people who aren't attracted to anyone at all, ever.

Update 2:

Oh, and to clarify. . .this isn't me, lol. BELIEVE me, I'm head-over-heels with a strapping young man right now. I'm just curious as to what people's opinions on asexuality are.;)

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    first of all, don't pay attention to Mr. Person...he obviously is clueless as to the true meaning of your question which is NOT "Can a human reproduce asexually?" The answer to that is clearly as obvious as the callusness of his answer.

    With regard to the first part of your my humble opinion, no. However that does NOT mean that a person can intentionally choose to be not sexual. Too, feelings of asexuality or as I understand your question to mean, your lack of interest in sex or sexuality or low desire can also be indicative, BUT NOT CERTAIN of a possible dysfunction. It could be a physical manifestation of an underlying hormonal or glandular issue; it could be the result of a physical or psychological or emotional stimulus (notice I did NOT say 'trauma')...and it could also mean that in reality you just are not interested in sex.

    There has been a great deal of debate as to whether 'asexuality' NOT asexual reproduction, is a fourth gender orientation, as male, female, or lesbian/gay.

    As to the second part of your question, I do think that asexuality is unhealthy. Sex is as normal a function as breathing, eating, sleeping, etc. The act of sex releases a huge of amount of endorphins, the whizz-bang feel-good chemical the human body manufactures naturally. But I'm not advocating going out and jumping everyone you meet or find attractive. The main difference between sex and the other natural functions is that we humans can selectively choose when and when not to engage in the act. We can use our higher brain function of free-will and decision-making and reasoning powers to decide when if at all to engage in sex.

    Good luck....and if you don't find yourself interested in sex and think might be an issue, consult a qualified physician or counselor...but then again you may very well be just as fine as rain and just don't find an interest in're NORMAL!

    Source(s): Wikepedia, PhD University of Hard Knocks, Summa Koom Laude (they won't let me spell the c you em word EVEN if its Latin!), Life, my own morality and logic.
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    If you mean lacking interest in and/or desire for sex, definitely possible. I've got a friend who has never even had an innocent crush. Physically, it would be healthy to some extent because you couldn't get STDs and stuff. I don't think it's amazingly common, but it's not an indication of insanity or anything. I wouldn't blame anyone for being repulsed by society in general.

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    Yes it is entirely possible. I think its rare I think I have asexual tendency's because I feel there are more important things in life then sex. So I believe it is not natural more rare but entirely healthy because I believe it means you have a good grasp on the bigger picture of life and are not controlled by the emotion of the moment.

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    I think its natural to be sexually driven towards a partner who will support you and be there for you. Its very curious to be asexual meaning not driven towards anyone. Have you had sexual abuse in the past that makes you feel uncertain about how you feel in a sexual way? (I understand it if you have) Another possible reason for asexual feeling is depression. I think you should consider making sure that you are healthy and feeling mentally okay before you consider sexuality.

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    I definitely think it's possible. Everyone has different levels of sex drive. Having one that's too high can definitely cause problems, but I'm not sure that's the case for one that's too low. You won't meet or bond with as many people as you would have otherwise, which could cause emotional or social harm, but physically you may be better off.

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    i heard once that peoples sexual identities/preferences are as unique to them as their own faces.... with so many faces in the world it only makes sense that someone would feel that way.... i mean think about it. there's straight, gay, bi, bi-curious, transsex, transgen, and all of those overlap as well.... so to think that someone may be asexual is actually not that far out of the realm of reason... really quite possible, and if so then yeah, it's normal because it's normal to them....

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    Asexual? As in they don't like anyone? I think they should seek therapy if thats the case.

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    haha you know what asexual means? No people cannot grow back parts of their body, etc....

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