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I think this is my best Yahoo Team. Please rate.?

Catcher-Ramon Hernandez

1st-Mark Teixeria

2nd-Ian Kingsley

3rd-Troy Glaus (Also SS)

SS- Jose Reyes

OFs Matt Holliday, J.D.Drew, Brad Hawpe

Utility-Ryan Zimmerman

Bench- Josh Barfield-2nd,Coco Crisp OF

Sps- Carlos Zambrano,Justin Verlander,Chien-Ming Wang, Derek Lowe,Nate Robertson, Anibal Sanchez, Kerry Wood

Closers- Trevor Hoffman,Jose' Valverde,Salomon Torres

I have 8 yahoo teams


I have 8 yahoo fantasy baseball teams

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    thats very impressive, I would consider seeing if theres anyone whos a cubs fanatic, and maybe try and trade woods, just cause he's such a unpredictable dude, he gets hurt so many ways, and he is starting from the bullpen, so if he does last long this season he wont move into the rotation for awhile... also shop around for a 3rd baseman troy glaus just hasnt really impressed me the last few years, i think he's plateud and doesn't really have the power and consitency he used too... other then that, i dont know much about anibal sanchez, but I have a feeling that verlander and robertson aren't going to have the same amasing year they did last year, but i still think u got enough guys u should have this on lock down...just one last thing, check your roster and match up ur stats with the league averages, such as hits, homers, and BA, make sure ur starters are all atleast above average in one category, and flirting with average in the others, but it looks like too me, u might not have many power hitters, and u might want to look at the other teams rosters and find someone with a lot of power hitters, and try and dangle trades with them...point out what stats they could use help in to even out there team...

    Source(s): Basically I think you got a great team, but don't be afraid to make a couple changes cause you never know who's gonna have an off year, and who u might be able to talk into taking the chance u don't want to take, and trade them for guys that should be more consitent!!! good luck P.S. if ur interested in an sleeper players I have three suggestions from the mariners roster, Jose Vidro former 2B for the Nationals will be everyday DH for M's and looks like he got more power then last year, Jose Guillen former Nationals and Angels OF, back after a year where he spent most on the DL, but he is proving right now in spring training that he focused a whole lot on atleast getting better and stronger at hitting, and worry abuot getting his cannon of an arm back soon enough...Last is, Horacio Ramirez, who was on the Braves the last few years, after an amazing rookie and sophomore year, he was injured last year, but he is back and his fastball is faster, his change up moves more and has a big speed difference, he's gone about 5 innings without giving up a walk, only one hit, and 10 K's... P.P.S. Last thing, I promise...take the time now to do a lil research, and find a couple guys like last years Chris Shelton who could have a good first half, and then like Shelton did last year, the Pitchers figured out his weakness, so trade him as soon as u feel his streak is coming to an end, even if he goes on to have a good 2nd half, u should push a trade for someone who will atlest stay consistantly average, or has a tendancy to have a hotter 2nd half...its a win win since u didnt really draft him in the begining so he was a gift, and if u sell him at the right time, u should get a good player for him, and the idiot u trade, will keep riding the wagon while he's on his downhill struggle, and in turn he should lose some games in ur league!!!
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    JD Drew is a beast. a top 15 OF WHEN HEALTHY. Sadly theres lies the catch. As long as you got a good replacement for once hes injured (and he will get injured) then your good. Tex is a beast. Kinsler is another stud. 20/20 potential. SPs are pretty good though anibal and wood could get injured easily. Wang sucks so trade him while you can. I dont like you pitching becuz thers no ks. Lowe, Wang, verlander all suck at ks. so sadly pretty bad team dude

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    For your sake i hope your kidding. Of course you didnt state any specifics about league type or scoring. It might be YOUR best team but that isn't saying a lot. Power numbers you will own but steals and saves your going to lose everytime (if H2H). Id like my chances aganist you H2H or points based with an average team of mine. I would look to improve on steals, saves, and try and get some batters that play mulitple positions for future teams.

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    depending on how big this league is, i dont think its that great honestly. kingsler is unproven. glaus has pop but also a horrible batting average. JD Drew should change his name to DL Drew he is too injury prone. hawpe i dont think will be starting.

    wang wont get you many Ks. wood is very injury prone.

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    catcher ivan rodriguez

    1 base carlos delagado

    2 base alfanso soriano

    3 alex rodriguez

    ss jose reyes

    lf manny ramierez

    cf carlos beltran

    rf valimer gauerro

    dh david ortiz

    picther johan santana ,francisco loriano ,bartalo calon,javier vasquez,ervin santana

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    nice team, speed and power. I like Teixera, and Reyes. Good picks.Your pitching is very talented with some veterans and some good 2nd year guys. You should do very well.

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    What are you talking about? I realize this is about baseball, but what do you mean by Yahoo team?

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