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wot is my laptop worth?

Its a fujitsu siemens pa1510

amd turion x2 1.6 ghz

2gb ram

120 gb hdd

ati radeon express 1100

15.4" screen


It has windows xp pro

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    $600-$700. The RAM would sell good, along with the hard drive, not so much the processor, but still a pretty good machine.

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    what price was it when new ?,

    how old is it,?

    any problems with it?

    have you a receipt for it?

    now lets say it was 850.00 new and it is fair condition under 12 months old I would ask 550.00 Over 12 months old 450.00 providing you have all the setup CD's to go with it

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  • 1 decade ago


    One" i" = $10000

    Source(s): i-MAD!
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