Has anyone taken the MAT exam?

I am already in grad school but this is one of the requirements that I have to still complete in order to stay in good shape. I am a HORRIBLE exam taker and I dont know how much I have to study for this exam. Can anyone give suggestions of materials to study from and how much time I should devote to it? OR anyone that has taken it before?


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    I have taken it and I have a book that helped me.

    One common test used for admission to graduate schools is the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). This particular test is different than most other standardized admissions test for college and graduate study in that it’s very narrowly focused.

    As the name implies, the MAT test is strictly about analogies, or things that are alike in one or more ways, often obliquely. It has a very simple format-you’ll have 50 minutes to complete 100 partial analogies. The vast majority of them will be verbal, but there will be a few mathematical analogies on every test. To do well on the MAT, you’ll need a good grasp of how words relate to and complement each other, as well as a familiarity with the liberal arts-history, art, literature, philosophy, as well as math and science.

    It can be taken on a computer, or with pen and paper. It’s scored on a percentile basis, and you’ll receive your score a few weeks after completing the test. You can usually register to take the MAT test through your college, or you can register directly online at their website.

    Here are some questions from it.

    MAT Practice Questions Set #1

    1. Fierce : timid :: aggressive : _____

    A: weird

    B: frigid

    C: assertive

    D: passive

    2. Honeyed: sweet :: acrid : _____

    A: base

    B: annoying

    C: bitter

    D: salty

    3. Short : _____ :: Tall : Enormous

    A: tiny

    B: medium

    C: gigantic

    D: ravenous

    4. Intelligent : dunce :: _____ : clown

    A: funny

    B: serious

    C: costume

    D: reticent

    5. Hemingway : _____ :: Woolf : Thackeray

    A: Fitzgerald

    B: Homer

    C: Garcia Marquez

    D: Waugh

    6. Oklahoma : Nebraska :: Oregon : _____

    A: Connecticut

    B: Illinois

    C: North Carolina

    D: Washington

    7. Square : cube :: circle : _____

    A: rhombus

    B: corner

    C: sphere

    D: cylinder

    8. 90 degrees : right :: _____ : obtuse

    A: 45 degrees

    B: 135 degrees

    C: 79 degrees

    D: 0 degrees

    9. Failure : _____ :: success : elation

    A: depression

    B: euphoria

    C: contagion

    D: hospitality

    10. Democrats : Republicans :: Labour : _____

    A: Whigs

    B: Greens

    C: Tories

    D: Lions

    Answer Key

    1. D. Passive is the opposite of aggressive.

    2. C. Acrid and bitter are synonyms.

    3. A. Tiny means very small.

    4. B. A clown is not serious.

    5. A. Hemingway and Fitzgerald were both American authors

    6. D. Oregon and Washington are both states in the northwest United States.

    7. C. A sphere is the three-dimensional version of a circle.

    8. B. A 135-degree angle is an obtuse angle.

    9. A. Failure can lead to depression.

    10. C. The Tories and the Labour party are the dominant political parties in Britain.

    SET 2

    1. Powerful : dictator :: _____ : poet

    A: lyrical

    B: cynical

    C: despotic

    D: serious

    2. Bumblebee : _____ :: lion : mammal

    A: amphibian

    B: hive

    C: winged

    D: insect

    3. Exotic : _____ : crucial : trivial

    A: foreign

    B: judicious

    C: domestic

    D: essential

    4. Delaware : Dover :: Nevada : _____

    A: Carson City

    B: Las Vegas C:Los Angeles

    D: Wilmington

    5. Turgid : swollen :: _____ : pompous

    A: repugnant

    B: rigid

    C: bombastic

    D: decorated

    6. _____ : Ronald Reagan :: George Washington : John Adams

    A: Bill Clinton

    B: George H.W. Bush

    C: Jimmy Carter

    D: Thomas Jefferson

    7. Iron : metal :: neon : _____

    A: liquid

    B: tube

    C: sign

    D: gas

    8. _____ : equilateral :: rhombus : trapezoid

    A: spherical

    B: isosceles

    C: cylinder

    D: pentagon

    9. Oranges : fruit :: peanuts : _____

    A: legume

    B: vegetable

    C: seed

    D: butter

    10. Stonewall Jackson : _____ :: William Tecumseh Sherman : U.S. Grant

    A: George Patton

    B: Robert E. Lee

    C: Abraham Lincoln

    D: Theodore Roosevelt

    Answer Key

    1. A. A poet could be described as lyrical.

    2. D. Bumblebees are in the class of animals called insects.

    3. C. Domestic is the opposite of exotic.

    4. A. Carson City is the capital of Nevada.

    5. C. Bombastic and pompous are synonyms.

    6. C. Jimmy Carter preceded Ronald Reagan as President of the United States.

    7. D. At normal temperatures neon is a gas.

    8. B. Isosceles and equilateral are both types of triangle.

    9. A. Peanuts are in the class of plants known as legumes.

    10. B. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were both Confederate generals in the Civil War.

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    Do you mean the SAT exam because I took that in 7th grade and scored just 150 points below perfect score. I went to the library and checked out a book on how to prepare for the SAT. They should have an up-to-date one. Just look through the lessons, and take the practice tests provided in the book. They help a lot. Get a good night's rest the day before the exam, and eat a good breakfast the morning before. Don't eat heavily. Read something before you take the exam. Don't let the first question be the first thing you read all day. Read the paper or something first to get warmed up. Don't stress out. Most people that stress out before a huge exam tend to not do as well. Take a snack with you. During the test, if you feel that your body is getting stiff, start with your toes and tighten all the muscles in you body. Then you slowly release them one at a time. Good Luck!!!!

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