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panicing.. anxiety day and night GOING INSANE i can't just calm down.. help?

first of all, i have this arythmia type thing that happends to me at times so that might be the cause of my anxiety and panic 24/7

i'm a 15 year old teen.

i've just been panicing 24/7, my hearts beating really fast, sweating, i just FEEL SICK 24/7. sometimes it just gets bad enough for me to get a panic attack.

im just having trouble calming down

how do i just get rid of this panic.. 2 weeks i've been like this i just feel like im going to explode.

i don't want to be on medication for 6 months to calm me down, is there simply no other way. HELP ME


yeah i even went to thehospital because of my panic attack, they said my hearts completely normal

im just panicing a lot

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    I agree with Micheal. I don't need so called"wonder" medicine messing with my mind, xanax calms anxiety.No more,no less. Once you are calmed down,you can find the cause of your anxiety. 15 is young to start any meds,but,doing something now will help you enjoy your precious teen years.I wish you the best.((hugs))

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    I know exactly how your feeling,i started my panic attacks at 13! and for years i thought i was just crazy, im now 34 and have tried every alternative therapy because i didnt want to be on medication but sometimes you have to,what you have to realise is its not a bad thing its just a chemical imbalance in the brain and its just a disease like all others and you need medication to fix it i have been on meds for over 10 years now and i have never been better, give it a go,see your doctor and be totally open and honest with him.

    Take care


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    Well, u just have to hang in there! The same thing happens to me! First off, u will need to go to the doctor. U are going to have to take meds. in order to control this!

    Prefferably, Wellbutrin or Bupropion, maybe some zoloft, too!

    I know u don't want to be on meds., but that is the best thing u could do! When u feel the anxiety attack coming, I usually would put cold water on my face and left wrist! That should ease it alittle. Also, u would have to learn how to control it by, basically, talking urself out of it! Just keep tellin urself that everything is okay, there is nothin happening, everything is fine....( to urself, of course!) That should also help!!! Good Luck!!!

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    I've been through a very similar situation and what helped me was medication. Ask your doctor about Atenelol (beta-blocker) and Paxil. The combination stopped my panic attacks and my heart palpitations. The atenelol has almost immediate effects. Paxil takes about 2 weeks to set in well (perhaps use tranquilizers until Paxil begins to kick in). Go to your family doctor now, there is no need to continue to suffer.

    Good luck & God bless you!

    feel free to email me if you have any other questions

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    Anxiety is a result of stimuli the brain cannot deal with. Are you overwhelmed? Relax, take a bath, tend to yourself. Breathe very deeply. What med are you on? I find Ativan (Lorezapam) to be helpful, but only once in a while - addiction is possible on it. Don't take it every day - will put you on anything to make you happy. Take control.

    I understand the feeling sick part.

    It's rough, but you'll learn to live with it with maturity. And it doesn't last forever - believe me, I've been there. It is awful and painful.

    Educating yourself releases endorphins which put you in a better mood. Read books. Take control of your health care.

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    Hi Jame,

    I know exactly what your going through. I have panic attacks as well. Feels like your goin nuts right?? If your Doc suggests you try meds you should. Also for an alternative or complimentary treatment to i would suggest watching a movie called "the secret"!!!!! It has helped me with my panic attacks within 24hrs of watching that movie, without meds!! I promise you have to watch it immediately! What do you have to lose??

    God Bless~~

    P.s. if you having trouble sleeping go to GNC and ask for melatonin

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    Huh? Have you actually been to a doctor? It may not be panic, it could be your heart. Or are you just suffering and you haven't even mentioned it to your parents?

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    I think your in a panic mood and its not very fun. I know you dont like meds but when I feel like you I trust my 1mg Xanax and with in 30 minutes I feel 1000% BETTER.

    I hope You feel better!!!!!!

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    Inform your parents.. get a hold of the doctor ASAP.. BUT Do not allow the doctor to give you meds that will not solve anything! Espeacially prozac.. any sort of depression will lead to suicide & or thought of it!!

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