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I am looking for fish which are compatible with goldfish?


We had a large carp fish in the tank which recently passed, we have a small goldfish in the aquarium and are looking to get compatible fish to put in the aqaurium.

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    Goldfish should only be housed with goldfish. There are many interesting breeds of goldfish and they come in every color under the sun!

    A general rule is single tailed goldfish with other singled tailed fish but fantails, ryukins or wakin can also be housed with single tailed fish. The reason is singled tailed fish are faster and more aggressive when it comes to eating.

    You can keep fantails, ryukins, orandas, lionheads, and ranchus together as well

    Telescope eyed fish should be kept with other telescopes, celetials, and bubble eyes. They have extremly poor vision and are slow swimmers so it is diffucult for them to compete for food.

    All these types come in red, red and white, red an black, blue, green, lavender, chocolate, tri-color, matt, and calico. Telescopes, orandas and now ryukins can be found in black and white but you'll pay the price for them, if you can find them. Goldfish are so unique and facinating to collect.

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    The only fish that are compatible with goldfish are goldfish and a few bottom feeders. Goldfish are coldwater fish while all other fish need heated tanks. What to suggest to you will all depend on the size of your tank; however, I would like to think that, if you had a large carp, you have a very large tank. The following bottom feeders are, basically, compatible. Bristlenose pleco, rubbernose pleco, apple snails, dojo loach, hillstream loach and otocincus cat. Otos are small, but somewhat difficult to take care of. Plecos and dojos can get quite large; 4-8 inches, and need at least 30 gallons of water and, of coarse snails are not much of an eco-load, but multiply rapidly and are consider a tasty snack to goldfish. The hillstream loach remains quite small at 3 inches and may be your best choice.

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    hi Winnie, besides the actuality which you have a sparkling tank i'm afraid it rather is too small for the two Goldfish you have already got, a 20 gallon may well be greater effective. i might recommend a minimum of a 40 gallon tank with efficient filtration for 4 Goldfish & even then it might in all probability choose upgrading faster or later. on the compatibility edge there are no longer many fish which will luckily coexist with Goldfish different than climate Loaches as various human beings have already stated. Even mixing fancy (fat-bodied) & non fancy (streamlined) Goldies interior the comparable tank isn't recommended because of the fact the streamlined fish will incredibly much continuously beat the others to the food.

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    How big is the tank? Mature goldfish need 15-20 gallons each. Only put more goldfish with goldfish.

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    I've heard with goldfish the only other type of fish should be another goldfish. Goldfish put out too much ammonia and other freshwater fish cannot live with that much ammonia!

    I don't think it's a good idea to put any other fish with goldfish!

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    Any freshwater fish that are able to withstand cold water. Cories, Loaches, Minnows, Some species of Plecostamus (bear in mind most are tropical so they require higher temperatures). You can also try incorperating african dwarf frogs. They've worked out nicely with my fish and they're interesting to watch.

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    it depends on how big your aquarium is as to what fish you can put in with it. the general rule with fish is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water.

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    Guppys, another goldfish, sucker fish, small cat fish, anything not aggressive (convicts, oscars, )

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