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How do I stop junk mail the U.S. post office delivers?

I think 90% of the garbage that leaves my house comes in through the mailbox. Can a person put a stop on junk mail?

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    The Mail Preference Service division of the Direct Marketing Association (known as DMA) compiles a list of people who do not want junk mail. This list is provided to any company who requests it, usually magazines.

    Write Mail Preference Service and request your name, address, and phone number be deleted from all mailing and marketing lists. Provide them with three spellings or variations of your name, as well as with any other names at your address (including previous occupants). They will retain your information for five years. At that time you should write again. Be sure to write when you move. Send your name and address. Be sure to sign and date your letter.

    Mail Preference Service

    c/o Direct Marketing Association

    PO BOX 9008

    Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008


    The Farmingdale office processes your request. They will attempt to enter your correct full name at your specified address, but not all permutations, and they have been known to arbitrarily leave off an important variation of your name. On a quarterly basis, they send an updated database to their DC office and make the database available for general distribution. To see if your name was correctly entered into their database, contact: Mail Preference Service, Washington, DC, and ask for Ms. Tyree, Consumer Affairs Dept. 202.955.5030 x2413.

    DMA also offers a telephone opt-out service. Write them with a list of all telephone numbers you want placed on "do not call" lists. Send your name, address, phone number with area code, and signature. They will retain your information for five years.

    Telephone Preference Service

    c/o Direct Mail Marketing Association

    PO BOX 9014

    Farmingdale, NY 11735-9014



    Source(s): I'm a USPS Letter Carrier, a Chief NALC Steward, and the moderator of
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    here in the u.k. a postman was reprimanded by his bosses for telling customers to put a sign on their door stating "no junk mail." it apparently works here.

    but we have something here called "the mail preference service." which is supposed to remove your address from junk mail lists if you register with it. it hasn't worked for me. the post office couldn't survive without the money it makes from junk mail.

    the trick here is to save it up and put it into the local royal mail postbox, assuming your name isn't on it. or recycle it.

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    I like to open it and stuff the prepaid envelopes with other junk and send it back to them. Otherwise you have to call them

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    save it all and remove the address labels. then just leave at the post office.

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    don know

    u need to call the 800 number on every one of em

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    I asked my mailman the same question. You have to contact each sender. It's easier to just recycle.

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