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Are portals the enterence to the astral etheral planes.?

Do we walk into and out of the etheral and astral planes on a regular bases but do not know about it because our minds are ill equiped to deal with that type of reality?

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    No. Probably about 99% of the stuff written about portals is just bunk, and the 1% that isn't can't be found on Yahoo Answers.

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    It seems we have two questions here so let me try to answer them both.

    the astral plane is a slightly incorrect title a more accurate title would be the astral planes. imagine these places as a series of rings (kinda like the solar system) with the physical plane on the outer rim. when a person astraly projects they enter what I term the border astral (Imagine walking to the next circle in my analogy). This plane appears to me as a fog bound, insubstansial realm that completly mimics the physical plane, and the only things that can be normally found there are ghosts and other astral travelers. It is extremely hard to get from this plane to the deeper astrals but there are some short cuts, called gates, that can take us there

    gates can either be formed artificially by a spirit or astral traveler or they can be formed naturally by an event in the physical or the deeper astral that generates energy that will pull to a greater source of the same energy. for example, the scene of a mass murder would most likely form a gate to the one of the lower astral planes as the negative energy from the murders would try to connect to the lower astral and create a breech in the barrier of the border and lower astrals allowing contact. natural gates last a variable amount of time depending on the original amount of energy that caused the gate. artificial gates last as long at the practicioner wants to (and is able to) feed the gate with energy, which normally is not very long.

    as for the second question many people accidently enter the border astral when they sleep. most don't remeber the experience because to the untrained mind crossing the planar barrier can be traumatic

    hope this helps

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    Yes and no. Both the astral and the ethereal planes overlap the prime material plane, and most of us are capable of limited and occasional observance of such. Have you ever looked at the sky (not at the sun) and seen swirling or pulsing patterns? This occurs when the boundaries between the plains mix and become fuzzy. Would you like to see your own ectoplasm? Try this experiment. Sit somewhere that you are in lighting similar to ttwilight ( enough light to see just barely ) hold your hands palms facing each other about 8" to a foot apart, and focus your vision on the space in between. Hold this concentration for a few minutes, and slowly pull your hands apart. If done properly, you should see strings, similar to gas vapors extend from each palm towards the other. Have fun exploring.

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    I'd write more but my pink unicorn has arrived to take me for a ride to the Planet Zardon where I'm going to have tea with Zoink, King of the Stoopids

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    It's possible

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