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i have a 1987 chevy scotsdale is tbi better than a carburator?

which has better acceleration

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    TBI is throttle body injection. All other things being equal, TBI is "better" than carburetion just because it can be more finely controlled by a good ECM. There are advantages to the carburetor for people who like to tinker.

    TBI allows for fine tuning by the engine much better, better power, better fuel efficiency. Compare an 84 Regal 3.8 with 2 bbl carb to a 85 Regal 3.8 FI. 85 knocks the 84s socks off.

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    Depends on the size of the carb vs the tbi. I personally like the carb better because I feel more in control. Anytime you bring fuel injectors into the mix there are bound to be issues. With the tbi though you will get better efficency. It all depends on what you are going for but I would stick with a carb. 750 cfm on a small block as a daily driver.

    Brandon Wells

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    i own a repair shop,and the carburetor will have a lot better acceleration on it,but the fuel injection is going to be the cheapest to operate,if you get a performance chip for the computer on it,the throttle body will do almost as good as a carburetor will,and still be real efficient to operate,that's what id do is add a good performance chip to it,you,ll notice a really big difference in the way it takes off,and runs,good luck,i hope this helps.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.
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    any fuel injection is better than a carb, basically because it is computer controlled.

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