Can TB vaccine cause TB in child, in case they are not stored properly?

In my native, most of the children with age range of 0 ~ 7 years, suffer TB even though they are TB vaccinated at birth in the hospital.

As the electricity shortage occurs so frequently across the country, storage of the vaccine is started to suspect.

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    1 decade ago
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    TB (and most other) vaccinations don't work like they are "advertised". And since TB (and most other) vaccinations include mercury (can cause brain defects), Aluminum (can cause dementia / Alzheimer's), formaldehyde (cancer causing agent), and anti-freeze (cancer causing allergen) - a person needs to weigh the risks and benefits.

    I wish there was a better option. Chiropractic and certain herbs/foods/activities will stimulate the immune system. That's really the way to go! How did we make it millions of years? Kick-butt immune systems. What's gone wrong? Anti-biotics, vaccinations and weakened immune systems.

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