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what do you think about pacquiao vs solis?

pacman is great but solis is unbeatable. where will you go?

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    I agree with you. Solis is indeed unbeatable, as his record would attest. He can punch and he also has some speed. Solis, however, has not faced anyone of Pacquiao's caliber. Pacquiao has way more power, speed, heart, and experience. The most solid opposition that Jorge has ever faced was Humberto Soto. Even in that fight he could not win. It ended in a no-contest. Pacquiao, on the other hand, has dominated the likes of Barrera, Morales, Larios, and he has punished Marquez, too.

    I think that this would be an average fight for Manny. Manny has experienced what it's like to lose, win, and draw with the best little men in boxing. I expect pacquiao to mix it up early. Solis will try to avoid exchanging with Manny. Manny will cut the ring from Solis, and it will be lights out.

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    PACMAN is the Champ. Pinoy for reals haha. No, but seriously, Pacman would be the overwhelming favorite to me. Not saying Solis isn't a great fighter, which he is, i just don't see him having the tools to beat Pacman.

  • 4 years ago

    To the person above me: Comeback. i'm hoping you recognize that Manny is an distant places phenomenon now. He has been ever on condition that 2001. he's a super fighter. there's no possibility in hell that Manny loses this combat. I swear to God that if Manny loses, i visit slit my wrists and enter oblivion. Solis can not defeat Manny, purely like guy can not walk on water.

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    pacquiao certainly will win the match in a sensational finish.. but maybe solis can pull a upset 10%...

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    well pacquiao is not taking him seriously so there is a possiblity of an upset. I hope he concetrate/focus on his boxing career rather than campaigning for congressman. I don't think he'll win, the congressman position that is.

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    pacman, has to be the best pound for pound fighter alive today, speed and power also the wits of a true boxer. it will be along time till pacman looses the title.


  • 1 decade ago

    Pack him away. Pacquiao by KO inside 10 rounds.

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