Im a direct hired nurse from jeddah k.s.a, im worried because my saudi recruitment office didnt call me yet.?

i applied for my visa almost two weeks already and the s.r.o. told me that they will just call me but until now i didnt recieve any call from them.I already paid for my visa, i have already my offer of appointment,and other needed documents are already finish and i also pass my medical. Im a direct hired from king abdulaziz hospital and oncology jeddah k.s.a.,nurse. im just worried because i didnt recieve their call yet, what will i do?please help me.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you a Filipina? Did you know Philippine law prohibits foreign employers from hiring Filipinos directly? They can only do so through a local agency, for your own protection, because this will assure that you have someone to run after in case your foreign employment goes wrong.

    Please check with POEA what you could do about this, rather than fly to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unsure about your employment prospects.

  • 1 decade ago

    Why worry

    Send them fax all the offer letter and service certificates

    They will definetly oblige you

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