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  • 1 decade ago
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    Being brought up in a warm and loving family has taught me to be an open-minded and an optimistic person. Because I studied accounting at the University, I decided to first step into the financial field of the industry since it has a large similarity with the business school.

    From being in this financial industry, I have learned how to communicate with others and to stand in their shoes when required. After a period of time, I discovered that being open-minded has resulted me in wanting to take on more challenging jobs with more variety, therefore I began to look into 公關公司 and sales and marketing fields. Seeing many people’s thoughts and requirements on jobs – willing to take on new challenges, importance of team work and communication skills, if I have the opportunity to step into this field, I believe even if I may not have the required experience, I am able to learn fast and work hard, having no difficulty on taking on the position.

    I really hope I would have the opportunity to work for 公關公司 or sales and marketing related jobs. Due to my current job, I am not able to answer any calls during working hours, if I was to miss any phone calls, I will make sure that I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.



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  • 1 decade ago

    Grow in an enlightened family from childhood, has brought up my optimistic individual character and optimistic idea too. Because of what the university read being an accountancy department, so the advanced person has entered higher financial circles similar to nature of business school after graduating. Work of financial circles, let me study to how to communicate with people, how to stand in the other side's position talking with the other side.

    Will come down in this period of time, I find the lively and optimistic individual character brought up me and wanted to accept more plural working content, is it understand public relations Company and on sale throughout field, enterprise planning of in this respect to begin, have seen the ideas of a lot of people and ability of the need of work: Would like to accept the challenge, pay attention to the group, communicative skill etc. and is all believed by me, if have an opportunity to step foot on this field, even without relevant experience, but I believe that study hard, I can unquestionably be competent! ! ! Is it have the chance enter public relations Company or on sale throughout work of enterprise planning to look forward to very much really.

    Because of the work relationship at present, it is unable to answer a call to go to work, if lose the incoming telegram of your company mistakenly, I am sure to call back as soon as possible, thanks.

  • 1 decade ago

    From small growth in an enlightened family, also has accomplished my open and bright individuality and the optimistic idea. Because the university reads is accountant the department, after therefore graduated first entered and a business school nature similarity higher finance industry. Did the finance industry work, how let me study has linked up with the person, how stood in opposite party standpoint and opposite party converses.

    This period of time gets down, I discovered the lively open and bright individuality accomplished me to want to accept has the more Yuan work content, therefore started to understand the public relation firm and the marketing business planning this aspect domain, looked at many person of ideas and the job requirement abilities: Is willing to accept the challenge, the attenion team, the communication skill and so on all lets me believe, if has the opportunity to tread into this domain, even if has not been connected the experience, but I believed diligently studies, I certainly can 夠 be competent! ! ! Therefore really very much hoped for has this opportunity to enter the public relation firm perhaps the marketing business planning work.

    At present because of the work relations, goes to work is unable to meet listens to the telephone, if has error your firm to come the electricity, I certainly can wire back as soon as possible, thank.

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