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演講題目: When I Am Depressed 當我沮喪的時候


聽音樂,找家人.朋友聊天,或是大哭一場是許多人的排解沮喪的方法,但這些辦法不適合我,每當聽音樂聽到悲傷的曲子反而會使我更難過,在面對難題時,我會把大部分的難過藏在心裡,我總是沒有辦法完全地傾訴,至於大哭一場….,這對我來說只有少少的時候會這樣做.面對沮喪,我大多會好好的睡一覺,很專心的看電視或讓自己吃飽一點.睡覺能讓放鬆心情,使精神更好,把思緒裡清楚,看電視可以使自己的注意力轉移,不會一直讓自己的情緒現在沮喪裡,有時還能讓心情更愉快!!而使自己吃飽…..,我認為這是讓沮喪消失最重要的事,有時壞情緒是因為你沒有餵飽你的肚子,人在低氣壓時會使血糖降低,有人說吃巧克力會令人有興奮的感覺,所以我想…在難過時,先別急著沮喪, 先吃片巧克力片吧!!




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    Each person can at certain times falls into the ebb tide,Some people are work not the satisfactory some people are for are lovelorn the institute painstakingly,Although I also for these matter sad age,But I also have me to be depressed,For example facing schoolwork difficult problem,When with parents or friend some disputes,This always makes me to be extremely sad,But faces depressed,I also have solution.

    Listens to music,Looks for the family member.The friend chats,Perhaps cries loudly is many people mediates the depressed method,But these means do not suit me,Whenever listens to music to hear the sad song instead to be able to cause me to be sadder,When faces the difficult problem,I can majority of sad Tibet in the heart,I always do not have the means to pour out completely,As for cries loudly….,This to me only then little the times can do this.Facing depressed,I mostly can well sleeping,Very wholly absorbed looked the television or lets oneself eat to the full.Sleeps can let the relaxation mood,Causes the spirit to be better,In train of thought clear,Looked the television may cause own attention shift,Cannot let own mood now depressed continuously in,Sometimes also can let the mood be happier!!But causes oneself to eat to the full .....,I thought this is lets vanish depressed the most important matter,Sometimes is bad the mood is because you have not force-fed your belly,Human when low atmospheric pressure can cause the blood sugar to reduce,Some people said is tricked the gram force to be able to make one have the excited feeling,Therefore I thought…When sad,Leaves first anxiously depressed, Eats the piece chocolate piece first!!

    Each person can at certain times falls into the ebb tide,But facing causes time my depressed matter,I cannot face it immediately,But has forgotten it temporarily,Depressed cannot occupy us complete,Sometimes is relaxed,Instead can a quicker far away be sad!!


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    Everyone will get bogged down in low tide sometimes, some persons is work up not satisfactorily some persons is bitterness for brokenhearted, although I still not go to for the sake of these matter worry of age, I also have me upset time, for example face the difficult problem of the lessons, and parents or friend's some quarrels, this always makes I am very sad, however face upset, I also solve of way.

    Listen to music, find family.Friend's chats, or weeping aloud is many persons to mediate an upset method, but these ways isn't suitable for me, whenever listen to music to hear sad of the song will make me more difficult to lead on the contrary, while facing difficult problem, I would greatly part of sad hide in mind, I always have no way to get off the heart completely, as for weep aloud To me this only the very few time will do so. Face upset, I mostly will sleep thoroughly, concentrating very much of watch a television or let the oneself eat a little bit and satisfied.The sleeping can let to be relax, making spirit better, chasing in thoughts and feelings clearly, watching the television can make the own attention transfer, will not have been letting now the own motion is upset, sometimes can also make the mood more pleased!!And make the oneself eat satisfied, I think this is let the most important matter in upset disappearance, sometimes bad motion is you didn't feed full your belly, person at low pressure will make the blood sugar reduce, someone says eating chocolate will have the person an excitement of feeling, so I think at sad, don't be nasty first upset, eat a slice of chocolate slice first!!

    Everyone will get bogged down in low tide sometimes, but face to make I upset matter, I will not face it immediately, but temporarily forget it, upset also will not occupy our all, sometimes can keep off a sorrow sooner easily and a while and on the contrary!!

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