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    I am named XXX and grown in Taiwan in the south, where is the small countryside relying mainly on agriculture, there is father in the family, mother, younger sister, younger brother and I, he call coolly and coolly a dog, my father he steel work but mother pieces of standard housewife in China, and younger sister many to study in high school also with younger brother, is it prepare for the college entrance examination to want this year, I to study in state-run Kaohsiung marine University of Science and Technology turbine department.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My name is XXX, and I grew up in a small farm village in southern Taiwan. My family has five members, including my parents, a younger brother, a younger sister, me, and a dog named coo-coo. My father works in China-Steel Corporation (中鋼) and my mother is a typical housewife. Both my brother and sister are all senior high school students, and are preparing for this year's college entrance exam. Currently I am attending the Department of Marine Engineering, National Kaoshiung Marine University.

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    文法不通, 專有名詞也不對



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