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several /some/a few/a little差異

several /some/a few/a little之間的差異在哪?



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    several /some/a few/a little之間的差異在哪?


    several: 幾個, 數個 (比 a few 多, 比 many 少) 可數名詞

    I have several friends.

    some: 一些; 若干; 少量 可數/不可數名詞

    I need some friends to help me.

    I need some water.

    a few:幾個; 一些 = some 可數名詞

    I have a few friends.

    a little:若干; 一些 不可數名詞

    There is a little water left.

    我用 friend 和 water 來造句, 一個可數, 一個不可數

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  • 1 decade ago


    many trees

    a few trees

    few trees

    several trees

    a couple of trees

    none of the trees


    not much dancing

    a little dancing

    little dancing

    a bit of dancing

    a good deal of dancing

    a great deal of dancing

    no dancing


    all of the trees/dancing

    some trees/dancing

    most of the trees/dancing

    enough trees/dancing

    a lot of trees/dancing

    lots of trees/dancing

    plenty of trees/dancing

    a lack of trees/dancing

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