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Why do people want jerusalem?

Terorrist, peopl, and etc are fighting for jerusalem. What is behind all this chaos and war for jerusalem?

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    When Jerusalem was under Muslim control, there were BIG problems. I like the revisionist historians pretending that Muslims have always been benevolent and open-minded towards other peoples' religion, but the fact of the matter is that other religions were suppressed under the Muslim rule, in Jerusalem as well. During Muslim rule of the city, no synagogue could be higher than a mosque, so the older synagogues of Jerusalem are built dug into the ground. If you have been to the western/wailing wall in Jerusalem, you may have felt that the plaza is a little small for a site of such importance; actually, the plaza was much expanded after 1967 when Israel gained control of it. Prior to that, under muslim rule, access to the western/wailing wall was limited to a small alleyway. In fact, between 1948-1967 while the Old City was under Jordanian rule, no Jew was allowed access to the kotel(western/wailing wall), so do please do not pretend like everything was fine til we Jews stole it from you; it was fine for you as the dominant group perhaps. Today, Jerusalem is as religiously free as it has ever been. To Jews, there is no Israel without Jerusalem; Jerusalem is the focus of it all. It is the ancestral capital of the Jewish state, as well as the religious center. Without Jerusalem the rest of Israel is just a shell; important, yes, but missing that most crucial element to complete it. As for the terrorists that you refer to, I doubt it is Jerusalem itself that they are so concerned for. The 1967 Six Day war was fought despite the holy sites of Jerusalem being under Jordanian rule, so it would be a farce to say that all they want is Jerusalem. I suspect strongly that the terrorist agenda is more general: the end of Israel. Jerusalem may be a nice focal point, but not the end goal. If you saw the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" then please do not attempt to learn from it; it was a passable movie with a stupid, misguided and pompous message.

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    Have you ever been away from home for a few days or maybe a few weeks to a place where you weren't that happy?

    Maybe you were in hospital? or perhaps a bad holiday? Maybe boarding school and you were really homesick?

    Do you remember that feeling when you finally arrived home? That sort of warm glow you feel inside that tells you, "Thank goodness I'm home. This is where I belong. I never want to go away again."

    This is the feeling that we Jews get when we go to Jerusalem. For thousands of years we have been persecuted - blamed for all sorts of nasty things. Everytime something has gone wrong in just about every country in the world - blame the Jews!

    The taunts from the kids at school "You killed our Jesus" etc.

    "Look, here comes the Jew. Throw a penny on the ground." etc

    When we arrive 'home' we know we are safe. Just like someone who has been chased through the streets by a gang and managed to get home and lock all the doors.

    The funny thing is even if you haven't personally had any problems - you know about the other millions that did or are still having, so you still get that same 'cosy' feeling.

    Have you heard of the festival 'Passover'?

    It celebrates the Jews leaving Egypt at the time of Moses.

    It celebrates 'freedom'.

    At the end of the service every year, the last sentance is "Next year in Jerusalem."

    Of course these days most of us can simply hop on a plane to Israel, but what we are really saying is, "Next year - let's hope all Jews will be free." Because anti-semitism is still there. Last year London, England had the highest number of anti-semitism incidents for years.

    Only when we are in Jerusalem do we know we are completely safe.

    You may ask, "So why don't you all go back there to live?"

    I could answer that very well, but I think I've already gone on for too long.

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    There are two Jerusalem one for the Jews and its called west Jerusalem and Arab Jerusalem its called East Jerusalem. Saying that Israeli fanatics want to keep occupying the East part which was never part of Israel.

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    Jerusalem is God's --it as simple as that. He chose it as the place for his Holy Temple and even though none stand there at this time--all will be restored.

    The Hebrews are those that God chose as stewards of HIS city.

    It is the city of which God will return.

    The battle is spiritual--can you think of any other reason a tiny city and nation would have the entire world concerned for it if not for the spiritual battle that rages on!

    It is the place that the anti-Christ will attempt to replace God and where the end of days will be centered.

    For all the secular political chit-chat that has gone on for ages--none of it means anything other than setting the stage for the final battle that God wins!

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    It's all about the Bible. Face it, anyone who has any shred of religion in them, any religion at all, is closed-minded and crazy. Jerusalem is just a city. Why not fight for Saskatoon?

    And that's my point!

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    Why Jerusalem?

    Not New York?

    Not Tokyo?

    Not San Fancisco?

    Previous civilization knew what they feel when they live there. They have their stories, myths, and most important, their sacred ruins.

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    its the centre for Jews the wailing wall, christians because the Crist was crucified and rose from the tomb, the Muslims they claim The profet Mohamed ascended to heaven on his white horse hence the golden gate and the gold domed mosque,

    it is also claimed he ascended to heaven from the base of Mount Sinai the reason they built the Mosque on the top. the Christian church was built on the top because it is also known as the mount of the ten commandments and halfway down the burning bush church, on the bottom ST Kathrine , a little bit more knoledge for you.

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    jerusalem is a holy city to the three biggest realigons ISLAM,chirsanty, and Jewdaisim.

    they all want the city.

    even though there was no problem when muslims were in control, when the british invaded they gave the land to the jews even though it belonged to the palenstinians who allowed jews to flee to there country.

    so now the palestians are fighting against the jews because they stole there land. the palestians were allow the jews to stay in there land because of the holocast . when teh british invaded and took control they gave the city to the jews even thought it belonged to the palestinans.

    some people say that the city was originally the jews thousands of years ago so it should be theres now to. but that is like selling your home and moving to europe then coming back later and asking if you can stay for a while with the person you sold your house to . they say yes nicely but then you plan to take over the house again. then a then a new government comes and gives the house to you jsut because your ancestor from long ago lived there.

    the whole fight is caused because teh british where not fair .

    i can t beleive the US is supporting Israel

    i think that the us should have had tryed to fix israel rather than iraq. imagine if the government took away your home and gave it to Native americans because it belonged to their ancestros long ago.

    it is not fair that is why they are fighting.

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    For muslims it's because the Dome of the Rock is there.

    For Jews, it's the Temple Wall

    For christians, it's because of Jesus.

    Some just want it all for themselves.

  • Well, Jeruslem is the most Holiest city in the world no matter what ppl say. Everyone's Savior was born there. Of course ppl want it.

    Source(s): But I don't thinkppl should buy it cause it's for everyone.
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