What can I do about my nephew that will not work or go to school do ANYTHING around the house?

All he does is sleep and play his X Box 360 from the time he gets up till he goes to bed at 3am. His grandmother will pay for his college but he couldn't even finish a semister and he won't try and get a job. He will not do anything around this house. He dose not want resposabilatys and he has said he doesn't. He don't even know how to put his trash in the garbage. He's pathtic!!!!! HELPPPPPPPPP

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    Whomever is paying the Electric bill to power that X-Box 360 should stand up and tell him he can't play the game since he doesn't do anything to contribute to it being paid including the T.V. that uses power.

    If someone could take the game away from him, that would be great, but, it sounds like it is his. However; the power that flows into it he doesn't pay for it.

    Someone needs to otherwise take the game away if they could and hide it. Lock it away some where and make a deal that he gets to use the electricity to play his stupid game only when he's earned it.

    He needs to go see a Military Recruiter if he is not going to go to college. This boy needs a serious wake up call and sounds like he needs a Man figure to paint a real sobering picture of his future for him.

    Any Uncles, Dads, or Grandpas around and in the picture that can step in to help also?

    Either way, it's obviously not his house. I'd use the "My House.....My Rules" routine and disallow him to play the game until he earns the "privelage" to play it.

    I'd put him on an honor policy, but, really he needs to get his butt up and find a vocation or get to school or sign up with Uncle Sam. Tell him he can play X-Box in the Marines. They do it all the time,..........AFTER they have performed their duties for the day.

    Other than that,....I would go as far as taking the game apart when he's not around and pull out a couple chips or something to render the game inoperable. Once he's over his tantrums and realizes he doesn't have the money to get it fixed, ......then maybe he'll listen to some common sense.

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    If he's at least 18 tell him he needs to start helping out around the house and he needs to get a job otherwise there will be consequences. Those consequences could include charging rent, not giving him gas money, cutting off all money, etc. Make sure you enforce this and don't back down. You could also try taking him to see someone to influence him. Someone to show him that if he doesn't get off his butt that he isn't going to accomplish anything in life. Have that person show him others that haven't accomplished anything and I'm sure that will start to make him rethink what he wants and how he wants to live in the future.

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    The first thing that I would is get rid of his Xbox. If he says he paid for it then say fine you can use it when he start paying for the electicity that powers it.

    Is he living with you, his mother , grandma or who.?

    Tell them, he has clothes and when they get dirty HE CAN WASH THEM.. Give him 1 plate 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 bowl, when they get dirty HE CAN WASH THEM .

    If he can not put trash in the garbage then put it on his bed!! That might give him the encouragement to put trash where it is suppose to go.

    Most people do not do thing cause they know they do not have to, that other people will do it for them.

    Good Luck.

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    Lock the XBox up and give him an ultimatum. If he won't go to school and keep his grades up to a minimum then he must get a full-time job or he is out on his lazy behind. Make sure you give him a time limit to make his decision and put it into action. DON'T BACK DOWN. You are not doing him any favors and he needs to grow & go.

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    Give him 2 weeks to get a job or he can get his keister out! Make him responsible for picking up after himself, my ex is still like that his grandmother practically changes his diaper and he is going to be 28 this week. If you don't nip this in the bud asap, this kid is going to walk all over you forever. Give him an ultimatum, get your act together or find another place to live, if he moves out stick to your guns, you need to make him a man and giving in and letting him do this to you is keeping him as a child.

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    beat dat azz or encourage him to get a job

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    try to take away some of his privliges so he realizes what he has is valuable

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    i think you should talk to him about what he wants to do with his life, and why he's doing this. maybe suggest doing something fun with him

  • 1 decade ago

    ******* slap the ***** and tell him to get off of his HALO ***!

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