Can somebody help me out with these answers, i cant find a good explanation about it on the computer

1. Explantation and forces on an Earthquake

2. Features of an Earthquake

3. Relationship between people and earthquakes

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    What a bunch of BS you have received from CHILL TRACKER -- not even close to a correct answer. As to looking it up in Wikipedia, be careful -- not everything is correct or factual in that forum since just about anyone can add data.

    Now to your questions:

    1. Earthquakes are caused by movement of rocks along fractures - the more friction and deeper the movement the more likely to have a major earthquake. Most are related to Tectonic Plates which is similar to a jigsaw puzzle of the surface of the earth. (go to this website to see them:

    as you can see this IS NOT two discs moving around!)

    Along known fault zones (i.e., those places where earthquakes occur), the plates moving past one another may "lock up" for a time and then suddenly jerk further along. This sudden movement can release a tremendous amount of energy like stretching a rubber band that suddenly breaks or pushing against a door which suddenly opens. This release of energy is described using the Richter Scale. Many small earthquakes occur daily throughout the world and most are never felt; however, the major earthquakes are much less frequent, but can cause tremendous devastation as the ground breaks and shakes and rolls like waves on the ocean;

    2. Earthquake features include broken ground, erratic movements; movement of rock in the subsurface; can release a tremendous amount of energy which dissapates away from the location of the earthquake;

    3. People die in big earthquakes, people are scared in little earthquakes; people try to build "earthquake proof" buildings

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    i cant explain all of them because it will take too long. but i can tell u some of it. the earth quakes are caused by a number of reasons. 1 reason is that the earth is made up of two huge discs and the movement of these discs causes earth quakes. the other reason i s that when lava of te volcanoes flows under the earth, then some changes occur in the earth changes under and causes earth quakes.

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    Why the heck do you not look it up on

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