Who else does NOT like the Parents.Music.Resource.Center? (who does NOT LIKE THE PMRC?)?

For those who've been under a rock for the last 2 decades, the PMRC is a big parent's community created by the wife of former vice president Al Gore, and her name was Tipper: Tipper "I Hate Metal" Gore. If you wanna know why I'm asking who doesn't like her, here's why?

If you've ever noticed the sticker that said Parental Advisory: Explicit Content on a CD and you can't buy it because you're underaged. Yeah. the PMRC made that happen. First of all, Tipper Gore was outraged by the music at that time. She made the Dirty 17, which will be in my sources, but one of the songs is "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister. Dee Snider, the vocalist, was called into a court hearing, which you can hear a little bit about in my sources.

Either way, I'm asking because Tipper Gore does not have any sensible way in music. She confuses throat surgery for sado-masochism.

Update 2:

Dee Snider is like metal's Braveheart. He just tears apart the accusations he gets from the judge. Then he says Tipper has a dirty mind. It was hilarious. Al is just coming out of his skin (yeah, Mr. Global Warming himself was getting worried.) The judge asks what Dee said before he "insulted Mrs. Gore" and he says stuff about freedom of speech and how someone looking for surgery references would find them: same for sado-masochism searchers.

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    listen to the live version of WASP's Harder Faster....he addresses this issue so greatly lol. Also I think Warrant had a song Ode to Tipper....Ive heard it a long time ago but I think it also deals w/ this. But the PMRCs labels just made Rock more popular in the 80s cuz kids wnated to buy it just cuz it had explicit lyrics....its ashame that music since then just outright sucks lol....o well the 80s will always live on in spite the efforts of old Tip

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    I can't stand them. What happened to freedom from censorship and parents taking responsibility for deciding what their children listen or not listen to? The whole issue was and is still completely blown out of proportion. It was just a ploy to make the Gores look like they were for "family values". It was so ridiculous and the media just ate it up. We expected artists such as Twisted Sister to protest censorship, but what was truly amazing and unexpected to me was artists such as John Denver coming to protest the PRMC's censorship in the congressional hearings with Dee Snider.

    We all need to keep these issues in mind come election time.

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    Tipper's so lame.

    Music is something that you can emotionally attach to.

    I understand some of the parental advisory for rap that talks about **** and other bad stuff... but for the Twister Sister?! no.

    Tipper doesn't know anything about Music.

    Just like her husband doesn't know when to stop about Global Warming... he ruined the Oscars!!

  • 4 years ago

    Dude, merely take a label or cost decal off some or album and paste it over the Parental Advisory ingredient. Or get a job and purchase the album your self. while i replaced into decrease than 18, no save ever denied me an album per that determine decal. it rather is an advisory, it would not recommend human beings decrease than 18 are no longer allowed to purchase the album.

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