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Im So Lazy And Unmotivated HELP?

I'm 25 and I've been lazy and unmotivated all my life and don't know how to cure it. I can't drive, I've never had a holiday all because I'm to lazy to do anything about it. I never go anywhere, when I come home from work on a Friday evening I'm never out of the house till Monday morning again, I have no interests in anything, Even at school all them years ago my report card said "David has so much potential, but refuses to do anything about it" So I've been like this all my life, I'm in a dead end job as I was to lazy to do any exams. I think you get the idea. Any advice much appreciated

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    Motivation comes from within, my friend. You already have at least a small amount to work with - the fact that you're asking for help to begin with clearly shows that. So develop that motivation.

    My recommendation (it worked for me, at least): figure out what YOU want, set goals and a time period in which to achieve said goals, write up a plan to get there, and COMMIT to it.

    The habit of laziness is indeed a tough one to break, I can say that firsthand, and you might have to fight it for a good part of your life, but I've no doubt you can move past it.

    Take care!

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    you have got to make the decision that you are tired of living like this. You have to take an honest look at yourself and identify why you are lazy and unmotivated. I think for some reason you have some self-esteem issues. I get this feeling that you have almost given up on yourself in a way, although just by asking this question you have showed a small measure of motivation for a change in your life and that is a place to start. You have to start believing that you deserve the good things in life and that the good things in life are sometimes difficult and need to be earned and sacrificed for. Look for people who are like minded and may be trying to overcome the same problems. There is something special about people working together to solve thier common problems. Another idea is to find someone you really respect and trust to become your mentor in trying to overcome these've got to just come straight out and ask this person for thier help. You will be surprised how many peoplewill help whenapproached like this. This person will help keep you motivated and hold you accountable. Remember,to change these habits will take alot of time and effrot. It took you 25 years to get where you are, to relearn the things you need to will take time but its worth it. Good luck

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    I got married to a somewhat ambitious guy, had some kids, and suddenly I didn't have that problem of not knowing what to do with myself.

    It's because now I was involved at a deep level, and I had to get moving. If I didn't do it, it wouldn't get done, and my kids would suffer.

    my husband also taught me that the way to raise kids is to "keep them busy". I didn't know that.

    Sounds like you didn't grow up in a very active family. They probably sat around like mine did, and we had no activities. Just went to school, my dad went to work, my mom stayed home, and after school and on weekends we all hung around. That could be why you are so unmotivated--just repeating what you know.

    Something is going to have to touch you on a deep level to get you out of your rut. Do you care about anything? I didn't really until I got married and had kids. And it was a gradual beginning to care, too, just like becoming unmotivated like you are was gradual. These things take time to change. And I think you have to do something soon to start to change, or it may be too late, you will be so stuck in a rut and schizoid-like that you won't be ABLE to care.

    I was forced by my circumstances to get busy, and by being busy for a long time, I actually started to care, too. I had a role, I was involved.

    First thing I would do for sure is learn to drive. I didn't learn to drive until I was your age, but then I did make that move. And get a pet, a dog if you can, or a cat otherwise--it's just that dogs are more needy. 2 dogs might be better, they will have each other and it's more companionship for you. As I found out, when something/someone depends on you, you have some motivation because you are important. It pulls you out of yourself and your slump. You need to feel needed. And when you walk your dogs, you will get exercise and feel more alive as a result.

    Life can be a living hell if you don't participate. People are social by nature, and it is very destructive to feel nothing and stay in a slump. Get the pets--dogs are the best, maybe get the kind that cannot bark if your landlady would object--and gt the driver's license. And do things for your neighbors--reach out, because that is so essential, even if you don't feel like it. And you won't. Remember, this will take a long time to fix. I know, it happened to me.

    Best wishes. Get the pets tomorrow!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    why are you asking this question now?

    do you want to change?

    why have you been unmotivated?

    if you are very lazy.. just do a research on the internet regarding those HELPLESS people in africa, in india, indonesia...

    they dont have anything...

    but if they are lazy..

    they would not get to eat..

    and some could not do anything,

    because there is no water and no plants etc.

    i think you are given everything to you...

    you never feel the need to be better or do something to get what you want....

    (i could be wrong)


    just be lazy as you are...

    its not my problem..

    but if you want to change..

    kick your self out of that comfort zone!

    go and travel..

    (ops you are too lazy for that!)

    well you have to start some where!

    ( i came to the uk from malaysia, took a huge study loan and i am still in dept, left my family... just to come here to study and finally get a job in the uk... so that i can help support my family.. and make my family and country proud! in malaysia , as an architect you have to work long hours and the pay is so little.. and i dont think i can support my family with such amount. i am only here because of my family.. my family mama, my brother indra and my brother Taufiq is my motivation!)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe you're not lazy but depressed. Have you seen a doctor about this? If not, maybe you should. Do you want to look back at your life when your older wondering "what if I had done that?"

    You must be interested in something.

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    1 decade ago

    i was the same way. find something about yourself that you would like to work on, even if it is one thing, then try working on it. do not sit in front of the tv for the rest of your life. for example, you may want to work out for health reasons or just to give you something to do. one thing leads to another. maybe you meet people at the gym and interact with them, and in turn, be more motivated to do something.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

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